Family Travel at Club Med Charlevoix near Québec City in the Le Massif de Charlevoix region

Family Travel at Club Med Charlevoix near Québec City in the Le Massif de Charlevoix region
Photo: Club Med

Family Travel at Club Med Charlevoix near Québec City in the Le Massif de Charlevoix region

There is a point in parenthood when you realize that the word ‘vacation’ is a loose term. Travel is just different once kids enter the picture. And this is also when you start seeking family-friendly destinations, the kind of spots that get you and the kids. 

This is where Club Med Charlevoix comes in. On a recent mother-daughters trip, my girls and I visited this four-season all-inclusive mountain resort, the first in Canada. Only an hour and a half away from Québec City in the Le Massif de Charlevoix region- this picturesque spot has views of the scenic St. Lawrence River (keep that phone charged for pictures!) and surrounding mountains. Yes, it’s all gorgeous.

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Photo: Club Med

Outdoor Fun at Club Med

One of our first activities was a guided hike with my oldest while my younger daughter participated in the kids club for the day. The guide was terrific, and the walk included gondola views. Both my oldest and I had fun and it was lovely to meet other guests who were also enjoying their stay. 

Another way to enjoy Club Med Charlevoix is to take in Québec’s natural wonders and enjoy the cuisine and culture via locally inspired culinary experiences. Foodies will love the guided epicurean hikes to taste edible treasures in the forest. If you love the outdoors, activities like guided mountain biking, mountain top yoga, forest meditation, trekking with alpacas, and exploring the surrounding destination through whale watching on the St. Lawrence River and exploring Old Quebec are available for you and the family. During the winter, there is skiing for the entire family, and the gondola trails lead up to the resort. Stop into the ski lodge on the lower level with lockers, fire pits, lounge areas, etc. Ski packages can be found on the site.

Kids and family are a priority at Club Med Charlevoix

Many of us know it can be challenging when the kids are toddlers, and when the kids are in the pre-tween stage, it can also be tricky.    

My kids did the Kids Club during the day and loved it. I highly recommend it to families with younger kids (under 12). My kids enjoyed pool time with other kids, outdoor activities, meals with other kids, freedom of choice regarding daily structure for older kids (8-12) with parents’ permission, etc. My 9-year-old had a blast and made friends she is still in touch with.

The Kids Clubs are broken down by age group. Baby Club Med is available for babies from 0 months old to age 2 and is on demand service where early-year specialists care for them in a caring manner. Petit Club Med for ages 2 to 3 is an on-demand service where kids experience hands-on activities like music, art, educational games and more. Mini Club Med, ages 4 to 10, is an age where kids are about getting to know each other through creative activities.

If your older kids prefer not to hang out (gasp!) with you, they can check out the Club Med Password for ages 11 to 17, which allows teens to ski or snowboard, play games or even enjoy a dance party. 

Photo: Club Med

Cliff notes to all the fun at Club Med Charlevoix

This impressive waterfront mountain resort is spread across 300+ acres and features 302 spacious guestrooms, including a private Exclusive Collection (5 Star) space with 25 suites. 

There is an outdoor recreation where people can play volleyball, mini-golf and basketball. We loved walking the grounds, visiting the pool daily, enjoying the outdoor hot tub and deck area, and taking in the beautiful mountain views.

Photo: Club Med

The food was fresh and delicious. Every meal had a lot of variety- there was something for everyone. Kids will love the dessert options as they are limitless and there is a chocolate fountain every night with mountains of items to dip in chocolate!

The nightlife was never a dull moment in the evenings. The nightly shows were fun and impressive; even the staff members joined in and evolved into performers. My kids enjoyed the performances and my nine-year-old stayed out longer than me some nights.

Although we were busy exploring the Club Med Charlevoix grounds during the day, our suite was lovely and generous in size. And being New Yorkers where living space can be limited, we all appreciated the master bath. It was nice to come back to and unwind after dinner.


Club Med Charlevoix

1, rue de la Montagne-Secrète, Petite-

Rivière-Saint-François, QC G0A 2L0, Canada

Additional reporting, Donna Duarte-Ladd