Top five back-to-school products

There’s nothing like those fresh notebooks and sharp pencils that mark the beginning of another year. But getting ready to head back to school takes a lot more than nostalgia. Over the years, we’ve tried a lot of different things to help with getting organized, packing lunches, and staying on top of things. These products are by far our favorite picks for a smoother back-to-school season.

The Ready Set Go! Board

Set your kids up for independence! Use this tool with little ones to help them manage their morning routines. The picture icons are perfect for pre-readers and children feel pretty darn good about themselves when they have big-kid responsibilities. Available at http://shop.tellychicago.com/product.sc?productId=62.


Litterless lunches are the way to go. This reusable bento-ware lunch system makes it a snap. We’ve been using this product for years and while we still wish all those lunches would just pack themselves, having Bentology (formerly Laptop Lunches) to work with is the next best thing. Find at http://www.bentology.net.

Snack bags

Snacks happen, so make sure you have somewhere to pack them. Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happened™ reusable and washable snack bags are a great eco-friendly option for snacks, sandwiches, fruit, school lunches, mini first aid kits, cellphones, crayons — and anything else you can think of! Look for them at https://www.itzyritzy.com/search?q=snack%20bags#?offset=0&limit=50

Mabel’s Labels

Want to make sure all your kids’ gear comes home at the end of the school day? Use Mabel’s Labels for clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch containers, water bottles, and all other belongings to avoid the lost-and-found blues. Save money by not having to replace lost items and start teaching children stewardship over their belongings. Search mabelslabels.com.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is an authority on internet security for families, protecting viewers from porn, cyber bullying, online predators and more. Start the new school year feeling confident that your kids are safe online. Visit http://www.netnanny.com/.

Submitted by Mabel’s Labels. Founded by four moms, Mabel’s Labels is the leading provider of super durable labels for the stuff kids lose!® Our award-winning customizable products are laundry, dishwasher & microwave-safe and 100 percent guaranteed. For more great content, join the Mabelhood community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or sign up for our newsletter at mabelslabels.com