• Today’s Gift Idea Of The Day: The Gift Of Giving

    Show your children how to give back this holiday season.

    By Sharla Feldscher

    Ah, the holidays! A time to relax with friends and family—and also shop frantically for the perfect presents. But, relax. You should be done with all of your holiday shopping by now–we hope! If you’ve been following our daily gift ideas, you’ve been able to tap into some of the best present picks for everyone on your list.

    Now it’s time to turn to an important question: How can you give your child the gift of “giving” this holiday season? Try this. First, talk to your children about how lucky they are and mention that so many others are not as fortunate. What can your kids do to help others? Suggest that they give away some personal toys that are in good shape and rarely used. Provide a nicely decorated gift box for them to fill with a few nearly new toys that they can give to needy children. Then go together to a nearby hospital or shelter. Seek out a place where there are children who would smile at the idea of new toys, and deliver them together as a family.

    Be sure to take pictures of your children filling their gift boxes, carrying them, even delivering the boxes to a hospital or other organization. Those photos will be some of the most meaningful in their lives as they, hopefully, continue the tradition of giving. Happy Holidays!

    Sharla Feldscher is the author of The KIDFUN Activity Book (HarperCollins) and writes a blog at kidfunandmore.com.

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