Your Child’s First Pair of Glasses: Tips for Getting Through It

Children can’t always tell us when something is wrong, mostly because they may not realize that there is a problem. If your child needs glasses he may not know to ask for help or how to express that he is having vision problems. Of course parents want the best for their children, that’s why getting kids’ vision screened is important, just as important as going to the doctor or dentist. If your child is diagnosed a vision problem and needs glasses, specialty eyeglass stores like Little Optics, Inc. will help ease your child’s and your fears about the process.

Does my child need glasses?

Opticians at Little Optics Inc. list some signs that your child might need glasses:

  • Squinting
  • Moving closer to the television
  • Holding books or paper extremely close to their face
  • Clumsiness or tripping
  • Headaches

If you notice these signs consistently in your child, it’s definitely worth making an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist to get an eye exam.

Your child’s first fitting

If an ophthalmologist confirms your suspicions and your child receives a prescription for eyeglasses, it can be a very emotional time, especially if your child is very young. However, it is better to find out this information sooner rather than later. The sooner you can correct vision impairments with glasses the better off a child will be.

When families go for an eyeglass fitting with their child for the first time, it’s important to make sure that everyone is comfortable. The staff at Little Optics Inc. sits with families and talks them through the entire process before fitting the child with glasses.

With infants, that first appointment can take quite a long time because there are a lot that goes into the fittings. Eye care professionals, like the ones at Little Optics Inc., have to make sure that there is nothing that will harm the baby when the glasses are worn and make sure that the glasses are extra durable in case the baby drops them or puts them into his mouth.

When it comes to older kids, usually, their main concern is that they will be teased by wearing glasses. Assure your child that they will have their choice of color or design when it comes to his new glasses.  There should be tons of options for kids to pick from and he will also get to choose fun accessories like strings, cases, and colorful cleaning cloths.

Parents who were anxious before the appointment generally become quite happy once they see their child in their first pair of glasses. Parents will notice immediate changes in their child because the child will usually show instant joy upon seeing clearly for the first time. Children also tend to become more alert and parents may even notice that they become less clumsy.

Bringing the glasses home

After kids leave the store with their brand new glasses it is now their big responsibility to take care of them. The eye care professionals at Little Optics Inc. stress the importance of telling kids what an important job that is. They tell children that the glasses, “are special to them only and that they are not toys for sharing and to make sure to take them off with two hands and put them right into their case.”

Another thing to consider are sports glasses for older kids who play a competitive or team sport. These special glasses protect the eye and the facial structures around the eye. If a child is playing sports with a regular pair of glasses and a ball hits their face they can have a serious eye injury. The sports glasses are meant as protective eyewear.

There’s a lot that goes into having a child that wears glasses, but it can also be a great lesson in responsibility and independence. Sure, having a kid with eye issues is scary for all involved, but with the right glasses and the right team, it doesn’t have to be.

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