• “Timeless” Star Abigail Spencer Talks Time Travel & Motherhood

    We talked with actress and mother Abigail Spencer of the NBC show “Timeless” about motherhood and what starring on this show means to her.

    By Alex Taylor
    Abigail Spencer in front of People backdrop

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    Timeless” is an NBC show that stars Abigail Spencer as a historian named Lucy: She navigates through space and time along with the help of her friends. While traveling to the past, her character uncovers untold stories of women and people of color that many people have never heard of. The second season is airing this Sunday, March 11 and does an amazing job at depicting even more stories commonly swept under the rug in our retelling of history. We were so lucky to be able to sit and talk with Spencer about life, the show, and everything in between (and we got a first look at the new season!). Side note: She is absolutely wonderful and carries a strong sense of wit and humor with her everywhere she goes, not to mention unmatched beauty.

    A seasoned actress, Spencer’s had roles in “Mad Men” and “Suits,” and now of course stars in “Timeless.” Even while doing all that, she also has the pleasure of being a loving mother to her son Roman. Roman is 9 years old and Abigail says he even has his own office on set. Costume designer Mari An Ceo lends her space for Roman to set up shop during those long days of shooting. Spencer adds that everyone on set creates a safe space for her as a mother. Both executive producers Arika Mittman and Marney Hochman have children, and give sound advice and empathy for those long hard days that accompany being a working mother, especially one in the television industry.

    Spencer says she is thankful for these women who create stories that not only shine a light on unseen parts of history, but for making the show something children can watch and learn from. She says her son watches every episode and that they both will go home after and research everything they’ve learned.

    The second season of “Timeless” airs this Sunday, March 11 at 10pm on NBC! Tune in to watch this trailblazing television show and catch Spencer as she treks to the past.

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