Threads App (Instagram’s new app -what parents should know and should parents try it?)

Threads App (Instagram's new app -what parents should know and should parents try it?)
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Threads App (Instagram’s new app-what parents should know and should parents try it?)

Social media has undoubtedly gone off the rails, with some CEOs begrudgingly acknowledging the urgent need for enhanced safety measures across their platforms. We have all seen content that at the moment we cannot unseen. Meanwhile, there are those who, without batting an eye (#iykyk), choose to invest in a well-known platform while shamelessly discarding the hard-won dignity and safety built by their predecessors.

Threads App can be joined via Instagram
Threads App is from the Instagram Team. Photo by Stock

Threads, Meta owned and launched by the Instagram team app, is the new social platform in town. So what is it? According to the Meta site, they are committed to giving the followers control with this new app. A future plan is for Threads to work with ActivityPub. Consequently, followers (stay with us, we know it sounds a bit confusing, but we’re all still figuring this out) can stop using Threads, transfer content to another service, and allow compatible apps to interact. This means you won’t need a Threads app to communicate with a Threads user. Whoosh, are you confused or want to learn more? Go here

Threads App and Safety for Kids

Let’s go over safety, for this is always a huge factor when it comes to parents allowing their kids on a specific app. Like the measurements its sister app Instagram has been developing, more safety measures, especially for younger users, will certainly be on the horizon for Threads- this is because once more people are on the app we will start hearing what is great and not so great about it. While Gen Z are Tik Tok devotees – they may not be forever beholden to Tik Tok, Snapchat anyone? Which means the app will have to have their young follower in mind sooner than later. For now, we particularly like that you can use the ‘hidden words’ filter to sift out replies to your threads – for all that content you don’t want to see or hear about – the user can add those specific words. Like Instagram, users can unfollow, block, restrict, or report a profile on Threads by tapping the three-dot menu. Note: any accounts you have blocked on Instagram will automatically be blocked on your Threads profile.

Should you try Threads App

Should you join Threads if you aren’t one of the 100 million (and counting) who already have jumped into this new social media platform? We think, yes, give it a whirl. This is why. If you want to try a new platform and not because famous people have already jumped on the ‘thread,’ – try it for the opportunity to make things right and create communities that genuinely enrich and serve you. Parenting and we may be biased, is a group that can benefit from a new app that is promising a more friendly user experience. If the app keeps to its promise and can stay authentic, trustworthy, helpful, and pleaseMeta (if reading this)not mean then this new platform can do more than say- Twitter is not doing for many of its followers these days.

We have all been there, the glossy images, the perfect lives. But it doesn’t have to be like this 24/7; Instagram is not going anywhere. But the option to have an online community where you can share with other parents – on the things that matter to you would be a huge benefit for parents.

So hit the refresh button on the nonsense that other apps have wiggled their way into your mental health and take this opportunity to create something new, fresh, and hopeful. It’s worth a try, and remember, there is always the delete option. 

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More to Know:

  • Instagram users can log in via your IG account
  • Share text updates 
  • Join public conversations
  • Posts can be up to 500 characters long
  • Links, photos, and videos (up to 5 minutes) can be included in your text post