This read’s a treat: New book helps kids enjoy Halloween even more

The latest collaboration from the creators of the New York Times bestseller “How To Babysit a Grandpa” is an eerie-sistable introduction to the timeless, charming traditions of Halloween: jack-o’-lantern carving, trick-or-treating, reading ghost stories, and cobbling costumes together. In their new book, “How To Scare a Ghost” (Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers), author Jean Reagan and illustrator Lee Wildish strike the right tone for readers, ages 4 – 8, who may be feeling slightly spooked by the Oct. 31 holiday’s rep. Reagan prescribes a cup of warm cider as an antidote for jump scares, and the illustrations show that there is more to Halloween than frightening disguises. Whether your young reader is ready to howl at the moon or is timidly counting down the days until the streets are filled with “Scream” masks, Reagan and Wildish will tickle their funny bones and stoke their enthusiasm for this celebration.

“How To Scare a Ghost” by Jean Reagan, $17.99,

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