Birthday Party Games: Think Outside The Pinata

What would a birthday celebration be without games? From adventure-inspired games to style-savvy crafts, there’s more to birthday party activities than simply pinning the tail on the donkey!

“Spy Kids” Obstacle Course
Transform your home into a “Spy Kids”-style obstacle course. In a narrow room or hallway, crisscross vibrant red streamers across the walls to create “laser beams” that your little spies need to carefully maneuver through.

Trivia Game Show
Set the stage for a trivia-style game show in which the kids compete to see who knows the most fun facts about the birthday boy or girl! Have small prizes ready for all pint-sized contestants, with something extra special for the winner.

Photo Booth
Photo booths have become a popular feature at adult affairs, but why not let the kids get in on the fun? Use a curtain, streamers, or balloons for a colorful backdrop and provide a few silly props. Let each child channel his or her inner-super model.

DIY Button Rings
Let your little guests turn brightly colored buttons into high-fashion rings. Pick up a package of plain adjustable rings, clear glue, and plenty of buttons in an assortment of colors and sizes. Help them use the glue to stack and style the buttons as they please.

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