The Varsity Pen: Writing Help Tailored To You

The Varsity Pen is a new business in New York, NY, where owner Nadine Gorelik helps students to build writing proficiency.

Gorelik, who has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from Columbia University, founded TVP on the belief that clear, compelling writing—and the critical thinking underpinningit—are skills that anyone can master. 

She melds her background as a NYC nanny with her passion for rendering the writing process accessible to all.Lessons are tailored to each individual’s learning style, areas of need and timetable. 

Gorelik’s experience with NYC families also yields unique insight into best practices for admission essays, preschool through college.  She works with students (and parents, in the case of young students) both long-term and on a projectbasis.

TVP addresses writing concerns at all stages, from idea development to organization to syntax.  Students apply the lessons they learn with increasing success until they no longer need assistance. “In a sense,” says Gorelik, “I aim to make myself obsolete.  The goal is to show students that they can learn to write with intention, and that writing doesn’t need to be a frustrating experience.”

Visit for more information.  With The Varsity Pen, students will find writing support…Write Away!

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Main image: Owner, Nadine Gorelik. Courtesy The Varsity Pen.