‘The Boss Baby’ Series is Coming to Netflix

The Boss Baby is coming to Netflix with a new series called The Boss Baby: Back in Business.

This is great news for parents whose kid’s love the movie but are sick of watching it over and over. We nearly jumped for joy when Netflix announced its Trolls series.

Netflix released the new trailer and it looks like Boss Baby and his brother Tim will be up to their old antics. However, it has been reported that Alec Baldwin, who voiced the titular character in the original, will not voice the role in the series. Instead JP Karliak will take his place. Actor Miles Bakshi will remain as the voice of big brother Tim. Other new actors to the series include, Flula Borg as Mega Fat CEO Baby, Kevin Michael Richardson as Jimbo, and Alex Cazares as Staci.

“DreamWorks Animation Television and Netflix’s new series The Boss Baby: Back in Business picks up where the Oscar-nominated film left off, with Boss Baby learning to navigate his new life,” says the official statement. “He wants what any modern baby executive wants: everything–not just the corner office, but the perfect little family at home. He loves both worlds, and Boss Baby has the skills to succeed in both. He’s got moxie, he’s got corporate savvy, but most importantly he’s got a big brother, best friend, and partner in crime in Tim Templeton.”

This film has a special place in my family’s heart as we can relate to it on a personal level. My older son really started bonding with his little brother after watching this film, he has a real lightbulb moment, so to speak, and they have been inseparable ever since.

The show’s 13 episodes will air starting April 6, but check out the trailer below in the meantime.



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