The 2015 Blackboard Awards For School & Principals: Event Photos

On Wednesday, December 2, the 2015-2016 Blackboard Awards For Schools and Principals, presented by New York Family, honored 15 of the city’s finest schools and principals in a special ceremony at the the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). Nancy Redd, the host of HuffPost Live, was the co-host, along with Eric Messinger, the editor of New York Family. The event was sponsored in part by the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association.

The longest-running and most prestigious celebration of excellence in local education, the Blackboard Awards honors educators and schools from all sectors (public, private, charter, and parochial) and grade levels (nursery through high school). The ceremony for teachers takes place in the spring.

Please Note: We welcome and encourage parent nominations all year long; and to nominate a school, principal, teacher, or guidance counselor visit

The slideshow below contains photos capturing some of the Awards’ special moments, all taken by Andrew Schwartz.

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