Teen with terrific tresses takes timid first step

Tangled Rated PG

Your daughter can think of a million reasons to avoid auditioning for her school’s play — she’s too this or not enough of that; the music is too hard; the script is too long — but she still longs to join her friends in the limelight on stage.n

You try reassuring her that the experience is worth the effort. You even role-play the entire audition. Finally, she agrees to take that first step. It’s a nerve-racking few days as she awaits the big announcement of the cast. Happily, she made it, and her participation is a huge success. Now she’s glad she didn’t let fear keep her from pursuing her dream.

Your daughter realizes that overcoming the fear that holds us back can open the door to adventure. It’s what Rapunzel learns as well in Disney Pictures’ “Tangled,” available this month on DVD and Blu-ray. Have a family movie night with “Tangled,” and then use our Talking Together ideas to discuss it. Later, you can play “Welcome to Adventure” in our Play Together activity.

In “Tangled,” 18-year-old Rapunzel lives high up in a tower with Gothel, who she thinks is her mother — but who is really the woman who kidnapped her at birth from her parents, the king and queen. Rapunzel’s long hair has magic powers that keep Gothel youthful. Rapunzel longs to leave the tower and visit the nearby town, but Gothel warns her that danger is everywhere and she is safest at home. That fear keeps Rapunzel trapped in the tower.

One day, the dashing Flynn Rider climbs up the tower and surprises Rapunzel. She begs him to take her to town so she can see the floating lanterns — hundreds of lanterns that the king and queen release every year in the hopes that their daughter will be returned to them. Flynn agrees and they set out, falling in love along the way.

Meanwhile, Gothel tracks down Rapunzel and convinces her that Flynn’s motives are evil. Heartbroken, she returns to the tower. Soon, she realizes that she is the long-lost princess, and she vows never to let Gothel use her hair again. Flynn arrives to rescue Rapunzel, but Gothel stabs him. Rapunzel tries to save him with her magic hair, but he had cut off her hair so Gothel can no longer use her. A single tear from Rapunzel’s eye falls on Flynn, and he is healed! They go to the castle where Rapunzel is reunited with her parents, and she and Flynn are married.

Talk together

Rapunzel has one wish: to visit the town and see the floating lanterns. Why do the king and queen launch them every year? Why is Rapunzel curious about the lanterns?

Why do you think she never tries to escape from the tower before Flynn arrives? Taking that first step — even when it’s something we want to do — can be scary. Why does Rapunzel decide to leave with Flynn? Does she trust him? Why or why not?

What are you afraid of trying? Talk about what might happen — good and bad — if you try it. What would be your first step?

Play together: Welcome to adventure!

You will need:

• Bag

• Various household items

Gather a variety of items, such as a wooden spoon, a hairbrush, a hammer, a paintbrush or a toy car, and place them in the bag. Pass the bag around and have everyone draw out an item. Ask each person to think of something new or different that they could try that relates to the item. For instance, a wooden spoon might inspire you to try baking a cake, or a toy car might prompt you to build a model car or learn how engines work. Your children will get the idea that taking a chance on adventure can pay off!

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