Take A Hike on Long Island’s Greenbelt Trails

people hikingGetty Images

For Long Island hikers, the term “Greenbelt” has expanded significantly over the years.

Starting with the original namesake 31.8-mile north-south path completed in 1982 — which runs from Sunken Meadow State Park on the LI Sound to Heckscher State Park on Great South Bay — LI’s Greenbelt Trail system now encompass several different routes, all offering their own unique glimpses of the island’s stunning natural beauty and ecological diversity.

Since much of the island’s landscape is relatively flat, some of LI’s Greenbelt trails are relatively easy for most hikers; the real trick is having the fortitude to walk the substantial length required to complete some of these hikes, like the 47-mile Pine Barrens Trail. Others, like those on the North Shore, can be quite hilly and rocky, offering a more intense aerobic workout.

But regardless of your ability and stamina, one of the Greenbelt trails below will surely scratch your itch for a stroll:

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