Sunshine Essentials

I Screen, You Screen: Make sun protection fun (and
culturally relevant) with Sunbow Kids Sunscreen. Spongebob goes on yellow and
Dora applies pink—both dry clear. Fight the burn, don’t feel it, with SPF
30 and a water-resistant, non-staining formula. ($12.99;

Cool Down: Even with sunscreen protecting your skin, too many rays ain’t so pretty. Episencial Soothing Cream is organic,
all-natural and free of the bad boys (aka parabens, phthalates and fragrances)
so it’s safe for babies and the grown-ups who adore them. Bonus: the bottle
design is Eric Carle-inspired. ($10.99;

Can You Dig It?: Turn your toddler into an Oceanside
excavator with SandoSaurs T-Rex Dinosaur Molds by Think Of It. Ten bone-shaped
casts will keep your kid occupied while you work on your dino-mite tan. When
summer dwindles down, fill the exoskeleton with plaster, snow or gelatin for
year-round discoveries—just be sure to give a thorough rinse between seasons!


Pack Rat: Plan a multi-course meal with Picnic Time’s
Metro Insulated Basket. The expandable drawstring top means you can pack to the
gills, with lunch (and then some) for the whole family. Roomy frame collapses
for storage—a must-have in miniature Manhattan
kitchens. This basket transitions nicely from park to beach to road trip.


Spin Me Right Round: Spin art meets sidewalk chalk
with Crayola’s new Spira-Chalk Blaster. This kid-powered spinning top draws
loop-de-loops and squiggly lines – a different design each time. Let the rain
or hose wash it all away for a new day of creative cool. ($12.99;

Need For Speed: Don’t fret when your little one’s scooter loses its
allure—there’s some new wheels in town! The Grow With Me 1,2,3, InLine Skates
by Fisher-Price lets speed demons roll at a pace parents can handle. Three
adjustable stages let your kid go from walking with locked wheels, to forward-only
rolling, to full-on freewheeling fun. ($25;

Fire Away: Nerf’s Super Soaker Thunderstorm is a
squirt gun gone hi-tech, courtesy of its battery-powered body. Just pull the
trigger to fire a stream of water up to 25 feet long. Grown-ups can channel
their inner Rambo and kids can bring Street Fighter to life. ($14.99;


Robin Saks Frankel is a freelance writer, editor and
social media expert. When she’s not chasing her two toddler boys around the
city, she also works as the Content Manager for
Big City Moms.