Summer fun in the city

School’s out and summer in the city can be a very stimulating time for families. So many events will be taking place around our wonderful five boroughs and in the surrounding metro area. This 4th of July will be no exception, and with them moving the fireworks to the East River, more boroughs will be able to view them than when they are on the west side, so enjoy!

Perhaps you’re like me and have been caught up in World Cup fever. Our family is crazy for soccer and we’ve been rather glued to the games. It’s so exciting to root for our national team and as I’m writing this they have been doing quite well in their group and are probably moving on to the next round. We are a “soccer” family and AYSO was a way of life for us for a number of years.

We’re so glad to see it becoming more popular as more people get exposed to the game.

Whatever sport your children choose I hope they choose something. Complex and positive development is derived from participation in controlled and safe athletics. If your kids are enrolled in a summer program and/or camp they will undoubtedly be participating in lots of group activities and getting to know new friends and enjoying the many hours of daylight.

Still, it’s also important for them to go on reading and stay on track with their intellectual and academic achievements. Summer reading lists are always a great idea and most schools have sent home a selection and parents should encourage and assist with this summer goal. The learning process must be ongoing and parental assistance is necessary sometimes to see that it does.

July is also a big time for family vacations and I’m certain that many families will be opting for some time out of the city or at one of our many fine beach areas. Make sure your kids use sun block and know water safety precautions. Make it a family habit because our kids mimic either what we do or what we don’t.

So with the whole summer ahead and a city loaded with street fairs, parks, block parties, beaches, ball fields, theaters, and more, no one should have a reason to not be active and engaged.

I wish I had the summer “off” like our kids. I remember all too well the great feeling of freedom that we had in the summer break months and I recall it with wistful longing.

Whatever you do, I wish a great summer for you and your families. How terrific that it’s just at the beginning and that many weeks still lie ahead. It goes fast though so make the most of it.

Thanks for reading and have a great time!