Why Summer Camp is for All: Experts Share Their Camp Tips

Why Summer Camp is for All: Experts Share Their Camp Tips
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Why Summer Camp is for All: Our Partners Share Their Camp Tips

With summer fast approaching, the time is now to find the perfect camp for your child where they will have the opportunity to grow on an individual and social level. We asked some of our partner camps why parents should consider a summer program for their child this year. Here’s what they had to say!

Why send a child to summer camp?

“Summer camp provides a unique opportunity for children to have fun, learn new skills, and grow both personally and socially in an extremely supportive environment. Camps offer an opportunity for kids to try new activities, make friends, and have fun. By offering a wide range of outdoor activities such as swimming, boating, ropes course and rock climbing, children develop skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. Camps as a whole encourage children to work together and focus on independence. Children at camp learn to make decisions, solve problems, and discover new interests.”

— Mike Halpern, Director Youth Services, Mosholu Day Camp

“Students can lose up to 40% of what they learned over the course of the school year during the summer months. Camp allows students the advantage of engaging academically and socially, giving them the skills needed to excel in their school year.” 

— Deirdre Gibbons, Pilots Enrichment Program Program Director, Cardinal Spellman

“Summer is a wonderful time to create new experiences and make new friends. Summer camp allows kids to learn about themselves through activities such as robotics, art, academic subjects and athletics.”

— Diane Raikes, Dean of Students, The Higher Achievement Program at St. Catharine’s

At culture-themed camps, language and history become a fun learning experience through hands-on activities, engaging games, arts and crafts, and cultural exploration. Campers discover architecture, fashion, entertainment, transportation, and more.”

— Irene Coeny, Director, Planet Han Summer Camp

“Parents should consider sending their child to summer camp as another way to grow and learn. Like-minded campers bond through academic activities, physical activities, or random creative activities! As we have all learned through the pandemic years, there is no substitute for a child’s social interaction with their peers. Summer camp is one of the best ways to cultivate that interaction.” 

— Scott Heifetz, Director and Founder, Launch Math + Science Centers

“Going directly from childhood to college is extreme. Allowing a child to take a brief excursion outside of their day-to-day life introduces them to the idea that there’s a world outside of what they know, a bed they can sleep in that’s not their own, and people from all over the country who are waiting to meet them.”

— Alison Krasnor, Executive Director, Boston Leadership Institute

“Summer programs are an incredible opportunity for kids to explore themselves and grow a ton in a short span of time. This is made possible by enthusiastic, knowledgeable, caring instructors who put an emphasis on the life skills and providing a physically and emotionally safe environment for kids to thrive in.”

— Nina Roy, Programs Manager, Bouldering Project

“Camp is a time for exploration and, most importantly, curiosity!”

— Susan Lyon, Vice Provost, Curiosity Camp at Simon’s Rock

“Sending your child to camp expands your child’s social skills and independence.Camp offers something for everyone, such as swimming, arts & crafts, playground time, and sports.”

— Effie DiPrenda, Summer Camp Director, Summer at St. Bart’s Camp

“Summer camp provides a unique opportunity for children to learn new skills, make friends, and explore the world around them in a safe, supportive environment. Many camps offer activities like swimming, hiking, and more, which help kids break out of their comfort zone and learn something new.”

— Carline Folkes, Director of Auxiliary Programs, Friends Academy Summer Camp

“Children come to camp to meet new people and try new things. They can learn from each other, and grow their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills through play and participation in a variety of activities, all while developing core qualities in themselves that will last a lifetime.”

— Jason Turnier, Managing Director, Camps ‘R’ Us

“Summer offers children a chance to think outside the box. At camp, children get a chance to be part of a different world and a community of people that matter to them. At camp, children get to rebalance their relationships with others as well as with the natural world. At camp, children can imagine things to be different than the way they are now.”

— Lauren Brandt Schloss, Executive Director, Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts

“Sending a child to summer camp provides a unique opportunity for campers to develop important life skills such as independence, resilience, and teamwork, all while having fun and making new friends in a safe and supportive environment. Summer camp can also offer a break from screens and technology, allowing kids to unplug and engage with the natural world and their own creativity.”

— Bob Budah, Director, Park Shore Country Day Camp

“Summer is the perfect time for kids to try something new and creative! It’s a time to give kids a chance to develop other interests outside of school and stimulate their minds in inventive ways.”

— Lena Moy-Borgen, Executive Director, Play on! Studios

“After working hard in school throughout the year, children should be able to enjoy the benefits that a summer camp has to offer. Camp gives children ample opportunities to have fun, seek out new territories, and to just be a kid!”

— Max Popper, Director, World of Discovery Day Camp 

“Camp is a great way for children to participate in a program that focuses on friendships, kindness and learning in a creative way. It is a great way to transition during the summer and get ready for the new school year. Campers will have fun, learn something new and be in a safe, stress free environment where fun is the most important part of their day!”

— Eileen Gregor, Executive Camp Director, SJHA Summer Camps

“Summer camp is an experience that is irreplaceable. Each summer campers look forward to pools, theme days, trips and more. The summer time is an opportunity for campers to grow socially and emotionally in a stress free environment.”

— Chris Bruno, Director of Summer Programs, Staten Island Academy Camp

overnight camp

How do kids flourish at summer camp?

“Students will meet other students with similar interests where they’ll be able to share their love of learning and form connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.”

— Amanda McBrien, Assistant Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center

“Summer Camp has many benefits. Camp allows children to discover their best self, meet positive role models, develop better communication skills, gain independence, experience outdoor fun and adventure, make new friends and have fun.”

— Anthony Montalbano, Sr. Executive, Business Innovation, YMCA of Long Island

“During the summer, kids flourish when play and creativity are encouraged. The summer is a much needed break for children from the responsibilities that encumber them during the school year. Getting them outside, on trips, kicking balls and swinging as they watch the clouds through the trees helps them to absorb the magic of summer and gives them something to look forward to from September to June.”

— Monique Charlton, Camp Director, Camp Garden City

Psst10 Tips on How to Begin the Camp Search

“Kids flourish at camp because it is a friendly non-competitive environment where everyone is engaged in fun hands-on learning away from screen time. It is completely different from school because kids are engaged in interactive camp activities and games, songs, challenges and dress up days, and use their problem solving skills every day. Kids are KIDS at camp!”

— Kathy Heraghty, Program Director, Destination Science 

“Kids flourish at camp when they master new skills by trying chess, learning tennis or doing arts and crafts projects. These challenges teach girls and boys to trust themselves to try new things, building confidence and curiosity. Through an engaging and encouraging camp environment, children become eager to explore new topics like coding and robotics. This boosts kids’ self-esteem and allows them to learn, grow, laugh and make new friends.”

— Bob Ingersole, Director, Advantage Camps 

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How important is keeping campers and staff safe from illnesses?

“Camps should employ experts in the medical field that assess campers’ well-being on a daily basis. From the moment the health form is received to the last day of camp, nothing should be left to chance when it comes to the health and safety of campers and staff.” 

— John Mees, Director, Future Stars Summer Camps

“Camps should be dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and friendly environment for students and extended community. Main safety precautions should include reduced capacity, increased hand hygiene and sanitation, and additional facility cleaning and disinfecting.”

— Patrizia Saglio, Founder & President, Collina Italiana Mini Summer Camp


What are some benefits of specialty camps?

“At theater camp, campers can learn at their own level and receive a lot of one-on-one attention from instructors. They can be challenged and inspired to become creative, confident and empathetic performers while gaining valuable life skills like public speaking, confidence, empathy, and collaboration.”

— Jill Moody, Artistic Director, Camp Imagine, Summer Musical Theatre Intensive at Imagine Works Youth Theatre

“Camps should keep kids safe with daily health checks as children enter the classroom as well as an on-staff health director ready to make decisions to keep the camp safe. Kids need a community to grow and sending them to camp gives them that opportunity. It’s very important for camps to provide the security of a safe and nurturing environment to foster that community, help kids have fun, and allow parents feel comfortable sending their kids there.”

— Zachary Simpson, Director, Garden School

“Maintaining a welcoming and clean environment is very important, as the health and well-being of campers and families is a number one priority. Camp procedures should be consistent with New York State and New York City regulations and safety guidelines.”

— Keesha Sterling, Director, Summer at The Kew-Forest School

How do kids with learning challenges enjoy their camp experience?

“An inclusive camp can provide a fun and nurturing camp experience for children and teens with disabilities. Programs should be supervised by highly experienced staff with degrees in special education, social work, and school psychology.”

— Stephanie Feldman, Camp Co-Director, Marvins Camp for Children with Special Needs at the JCC 

“Summer Camp is a place where each child matters. All campers should have an individualized assessment to gauge their academic abilities in order to  develop a customized interactive experience for each child. An engaged camper is a happy camper!”

— Maria Weaver, Program Director, Super Kids Camp

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<p><span style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial;" data-sheets-value="{" data-sheets-userformat="{">Our definition of a successful day camp is one that will cultivate the campers’ desire to participate, have fun and try their best!</span></p>