Stokke Launches New Line Of Modular Nursery Furniture

stokkeScandinavian-based baby product company, Stokke, just launched Stokke Home (the line hit Stokke’s website today, May 1), a line of modular nursery furniture that is designed to grow with your child. On May 1 parents around the world will be able to purchase one of these multi-part nursery sets in a variety of patterns and colors.

Stokke’s Modular Nursery Sets also can be tailored to a family’s spatial needs—each set can either be used in a compact or expanded way that provides a child with a both the necessary furniture and space he or she needs. Moreover, parents are able to choose from a number of attractive pieces that would fit their child’s needs. Created to allow for maximum functionality, each package includes a crib, cradle, changer, and dresser.

Made from eco-friendly materials such as beech wood, the crib is easily adjustable based on the growth of the child and even comes with easily removable side panels. The dresser and changing table offer a generous amount of storage space for busy parents and the cradle has been designed to rock an infant to sleep using a naturally swaying motion.

To learn more, visit stokke.com!