• Sponsored Scoop: Could Your Child’s Visual Skills Be Hurting Them At School?

    An eye doctor from OrthoK NYC answers an important question about the link between a child’s success at school and their visual skills

    By Dr. Stephen Rozenberg

    Successful schoolboy standing near the blackboard in a school classroom, dressed in a school uniform, and holding medical glasses. Boy's poor eyesight

    Q: My child has trouble in school. Could it be his eyes?

    A: Trouble in school, be it with learning or even behavior may be a result of poor visual skills. Most eye exams look at eyesight and eye health, but 90 %of learning comes through the visual system. That is much more than eyesight. It includes eye tracking, eye coordination, focusing abilities, binocular skills, and fusion to name a few.

    If any of these skills are lacking then a student may not be doing well in sports, reading, school and homework. This in turn results not just in poor school performance but also behavior problems.

    Often times special educational centers or programs just try to help the child learn with their handicap, but the right Optometrist can remove the this stumbling block completely, and restore proper visual proficiency to the child.

    As all of these skills can be learned, improved reading, understanding and comprehension will develop. Therefore it is critical to understand this side of an “eye exam”. To find a practitioner skilled in these areas you can check out COVD.org or OEPF.org.

    Dr. Stephen Rozenberg

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