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Speech Blubs: The Speech Learning App for Kids!

With families staying home and parents trying to keep the kids occupied, many of us have been on our screens far more in the past few months. Although screen time is often associated with mindless games, it can be beneficial with the right application such as Speech Blubs, a speech learning app for kids!

Speech Blubs is an app that offers smart screen time for children with and without speech difficulties to develop speech articulation through engaging ways. 

How this works you may ask? This app was made with the help of over 1,000 speech language pathologists who made sure that this app was equipped with all the necessary tools for language development such as having voice controlled and video technology. 

speech blubs

Through engaging activities, kids can observe, role-play, and speak! Your child will watch the app’s kid “experts” to later imitate and practice the sounds. And there’s more! Kids will have fun with these activities as they are packed with face filters, stickers, interactive videos and more! They will quickly be on their way to their target words.

There are endless ways that your child can build their speech skills and have fun while doing it. They can sing their way through the sessions or even play guessing games. They will also learn about animals, dinosaurs, stars, vehicles, emotions, and so much more!

One very exciting feature on Speech Blubs’ site is its blog page which has over 220 articles written by speech and language pathologists. This is a great educational resource for parents who are exploring various topics in speech, development, education, play, autism, Down syndrome, tantrums and more. Browse articles from How Bedtime Stories can Reinforce Literacy Skills to “Baby Talk,” Helpful or a Hindrance? There are tons of insightful articles that are helpful guides to parents who are interested in language development.

Speech Blubs is easily a one-stop place where both parents and children can learn about speech and language. Kids can practice with engaging activities and parents can communicate with speech therapists and have access to the informative blog page.

What are you waiting for? Have your kids start the assessment and get a seven-day free trial period. After that, Speech Blubs has a monthly, annual, and lifetime plan with prices starting as low as $4.99/month.

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