Special Needs: Read Our Digital The Special Child Issue Now!

Read our Digital Special Child Issue Now!

Special Needs Issue for New York Families

Our Special Child issue was first created by a mom and New York Family team editor who saw the need to share an issue whose sole focus is on children with special needs. While we do cover special needs frequently, this issue is extra. We know that every family is unique and faces different challenges, but one consistent thread in this journey is that parents with special needs children need support. 

In this issue, you will find a local and near guide to Special Need resources. Our helpful articles, such as a Glossary of Keywords, provide you with the terminology to help as you navigate conversations with teachers, paperwork, therapy, and so on. 

We know that being well informed and reading about other parents’ stories strengthens and gives you some tools that we hope help you on this journey. 

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New York Family Special Child

Long Island Special Child

Westchester Special Child


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