Snoring stories: New picture books for bedtime from Kate McMullan and Mylisa Larsen

Two new picture books that Mom will love reading again and again are “Mama’s Kisses” by Kate McMullan and “If I Were a Kangaroo” by Mylisa Larsen — instant classics that will be cherished gifts.

McMullan’s “Mama Kisses” is a dive into a lush rain forest where four different animal moms search for their children to put them to bed. The Manhattanite’s sweet, cuddly, rhyming tale is a departure from her bestselling “I Stink!” series. Tao Nyeu’s stunning illustrations, rendered in a unique, cool palette, depict playtime and bedtime with a quiet charm that reminds us of Babar and Pooh.

Larsen’s “If I Were a Kangaroo” is a roundup of the endearing details of how animal moms care for their kids. Larsen’s text is also illustrated with a muted palette, this time with awww-inducing ink washes and pencil by Brooklynite Anna Raff.

“Mama’s Kisses” book by Kate McMullan, $16.99, “If I Were a Kangaroo” book by Mylisa Larsen, $17.99,