Signs Your Baby and Her Nanny Have a Great Relationship

It seems like a given: Your baby should feel comfortable with your nanny. There should be warmth and trust between the two. But since your baby, though adorable, can’t yet spill the beans about the details of her day, how do you know what’s really going on? Here are the two big signs the nanny-child relationship is working and what to do if your baby shows signs of being uncomfortable with her nanny.

When They Reunite, Your Baby Should Be Happy

It’s important that your baby is excited, even overjoyed, to see your nanny each day. Once your baby knows your nanny and has spent time with her, your baby should be happy when he sees her. If your nanny enjoys being with your baby, he will feel her care and genuine interest. If your baby seems fearful or anxious when your nanny arrives, you should be concerned.

If Your Baby's Behavior Changes, Investigate

Another essential sign? Your baby appears to trust and feel safe with your nanny. Babies instinctively know who cares for them, who they can trust, and who makes them feel safe. If your baby has sudden behavioral or emotional changes—like waking up at night crying and screaming without obvious cause—you should investigate what’s going on during the daytime.

The bottom line: Trust your own intuition about your nanny. You are usually right about whatever you are feeling, aren’t you?