Sheep thrills: New book about Ewe delights

Featuring clever wordplay, sweet illustrations, and a delightful surprise ending, Mike Demers’s debut children’s book, “Fooling Ewe,” is a refreshingly original story set in a classic barnyard.

The woolly protagonist, Ewe, is bored by the daily drudgery of grazing grass and longs to frolic. Ewe dons disguises to fool the farm’s fellow tenants, like Chicken, Pig, and Horse, but Mother Ewe — holding a mug of coffee in one of many amusing drawings by Todd Finklestone — admonishes her for neglecting her grazing.

The story resonates with dutiful little readers who know the frustrations of having to follow orders and adhere to schedules, and their parents, who sometimes forget that their responsible sheep do deserve time to enjoy a little independence and a lot of laughter and play.

“Fooling Ewe” by Mike Demers (Service Bar Books, $16.95),