• Shades For Bright Futures

    Sunglasses That Kids Will Flip For

    By Savannah Birnbaum

    With the summer rays coming in strong, why not outfit your kids with the coolest shades of the season? Stylish sunglasses will keep glare at bay while protecting your little eyes from harsh ultraviolet rays. Check out our hot list of favorites that will help kids avoid summer meltdowns.

    For your mini Audrey Hepburn, try this chic pair of Selima Optique for Crewcuts “École” sunglasses. The vintage shape comes in classic colors: tortoise, clear, navy, and black. And the frames are truly fit for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or maybe even a Roman Holiday. Either way, they’ll flatter her little Funny Face.

    $49.50, jcrew.com/kids


    These 77 Kids glasses come in fun summer colors, and have an even cuter price tag. The fashionable wayfarers fold to pocket-size, making them the perfect summer camp accessory. Sporty and fun, they’re guaranteed to go everywhere with your camper.

    $12.50, ae.com/77kids








    Ray-Ban’s Junior line features hip sunglasses for boys and girls with prices ranging from $59 to $99. This pair of “Pilots” has an aviator-inspired shape that’s way too cool for school. For all you quality cats out there­, these are top-notch.

    $69, ray-ban.com








    Real Kids Shades are award-winning ray-busters. Specially designed to protect little eyes from the sun, these specs are shatterproof to boot. Where practical meets cool, these glasses are at the forefront, and this wraparound style is a favorite among moms concerned about delicate skin.

    $14.99, realkidshades.com





    Little drama queens with dig this pair of shades that will surely turn heads. The heart-shaped frames are fun and playful–a perfectly sweet fashion statement for summer. Your daughter will be the envy of every girl at the playground!

    $5, oldnavy.gap.com








    A little mod goes a long way, especially in bold purple! Mini fashion plates will have a blast channeling Twiggy in these adorable shades from Gap. Whether at the beach, in the pool, or on the town, she’ll look totally groovy.

    $9.95, gap.com









    Try these super-popular StyleScience Mongoose glasses–for daredevils who are always adventuring outside. The sporty shades have a sleek style he’ll love, and they’ll survive the mischief of even the most intrepid explorers. Conveniently nestled in the aisles of your nearest drugstore, you won’t need a treasure map to find them!

    $7.99, walgreens.com

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