Startup Raising Money for First-Ever Self-Driving ‘Smart’ Stroller

For parents who’ve ever juggled their phone, baby bag, and a cup of coffee while trying to push a baby stroller, the idea of a hands-free option is probably a dream come true. And now one company is trying to make that concept a reality by raising funds for the first-ever “smart” stroller, according to

Smartbe—a NYC startup company—has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce what it calls “the first intelligent stroller in the world.” The stroller would be equipped with a motor which makes the task of pushing the stroller effortless, even when going uphill. Parents also have the option to go hands-free or let the machine do the steering while mom or dad gets some exercise. And due to its motion sensors, Smartbe will be able to keep track of the parent and stay close to him or her at all times. 

Other functions would include keeping bottles warm, controlling the temperature inside the bassinet, retractable canopies to keep the sun and insects out and a rocking motion to help put the baby to sleep. Even better: The stroller has an alarm system that alerts the parent if someone tries to move it without consent. Cameras are also installed inside and outside the stroller, which connects to the internet and can stream footage on a parent’s smartphone in real-time—perfect for when the baby is with the sitter.

“Smartbe is a revolutionary concept as regards design and functionality that solves real parents and baby needs,” the company explained on Indiegogo. “We have built a new baby stroller with all the needed intelligence to provide new levels of child safety and comfort never before imagined together in a stroller.”

Of course, all of these high-tech features will come at a price. When Smartbe hits the market in April 2017, it will cost new parents around $3,200. So start saving now! 

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