Sustainable Products Made by Moms for Moms

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As NYC mamas, we’re always on the lookout for the latest & greatest in baby products and self-care. With our on-the-go lifestyle, we’re after anything that will make our lives easier so that we can best take care of our little ones and ourselves! That’s why, when we discovered Mum & You, a company that supports moms by designing products based on the simple question “what would make my life easier?” in mind, we just had to share. Made by moms for moms, this is a company that really gets what it means to be a mom and what we can use to help us out along our journey. (Psst…scroll down to read about their oh-so-popular biodegradable eco-friendly baby wipes!)

You may be thinking– there are a ton of options for diapers and wipes, so what sets Mum & You apart? Glad you asked! We 100% support the Mum & You energy: happy, healthy moms = happy, healthy babies. Now more than ever, we’ve come to know the importance of taking care of ourselves as parents, whether that be carving out time for two (okay all eight, but who’s counting?) episodes of Bridgerton or getting into a workout routine. Mum & You recognizes that we need to feel good about ourselves and our abilities as parents to be the fantastic mamas that we totally are.

What also differentiates Mum & You is their focus on natural, eco-friendly products. They are committed and they know that caring about children also means caring for the environment, so they continue to set the standard for sustainability in design without sacrificing quality and comfort. We can’t get enough of Mum & You’s super soft, biodegradable baby wipes. As the only wipes in the US to receive Green Seal Certification, these compostable wipes made from sustainably sourced, naturally derived viscose are a must-have! Bonus points: Mum & You is also one of the only brands currently using a renewable sugarcane material for packaging their thoughtfully created, nearly 100% naturally derived products.

That’s why, all products are designed by moms, including skincare from naturally derived ingredients (yes, please!). And for every purchase of wipes bundles, Mum & You donates products to moms in need through their partnership with the nonprofit, Moms Helping Moms . And did we mention that the company is a flexible employer that helps moms transition back into the workplace after a career break? That’s right: Mum & You is here for us mamas in every way.

Between eco-friendly diapers, vegan skincare, and plastic-free wipes, Mum & You develops mom-approved products that are making our lives easier (and more environmentally-friendly!).

Want to learn more about Mum & You to see if their products are just what you’ve been looking for? Check out what they have to offer at mumandyou.com and sign up to stay up-to-date with their exclusive products and promos!