Scoop- Lycée Français de New York: A Unique Bilingual Experience  

Lycée Français de New York

These days, we know that language is such an important part of education for our little ones. Being able to understand, read, speak, and write in more than one language opens up so much opportunity and introduces your kiddos to new perspectives and cultures. That’s why, when we came across Lycée Français de New York, a unique bilingual educational experience, we knew we had to share! 

Located on the Upper East Side and offering programs from preschool through high school, Lycée Français really emphasizes the benefits of bilingualism (and we’re definitely convinced!). “As far as the intellectual development of children, research shows that being able to associate many words with one object or idea allows bilinguals to have more flexible and creative thinking because it is less dependent on a single signifier,” says Vannina Boussouf, Assistant Head of School-Director of Primary.  

What we love about Lycée Français is that they don’t teach English and French, but rather teach in the two languages. Arts, music, movement, library-time, and physical education all take on a bilingual dimension with activities in both French and in English. “We know that early immersion is the most effective way to help students attain comfort and mastery in language and culture,” says Veronica McGivney Park, Assistant Director of Early Childhood, “Children in early immersion programs build language and cognitive skills. Children who start early in our program reap more benefits of being bilingual.” 

We couldn’t agree more with the connection that Lycée Français draws between language and culture. As our kiddos learn more about another culture, they also learn to better understand others. “Beyond the acquisition of a new language, [our son] became more confident with kids and adults coming from different cultures because he’s able to relate to them,” says Carol, mother of a three-year-old in Nursery at Lycée Français. 

In preschool, your little one will have two teachers, one who speaks only English and the other only French. And get this: when kids reach first grade at Lycée Français, they are fully bilingual!  After that, they can explore the demanding, yet comprehensive French curriculum taught by American and French teachers who are leaders in their fields. 

If you’re looking for a bilingual NYC school for your little one, we couldn’t recommend Lycée Français more! Want to keep exploring what Lycée Français is all about? Check out their website or register for an Open House

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