Science Language and Arts International School Moves to Carroll Gardens

For students attending Science, Language & Arts International School this year, the brand-new main campus location in Carroll Gardens is just one of many recent developments: the school is now offering a Mandarin language immersion track in addition to its French language immersion track. It is also expanding its after-school program to welcome students from other schools.

Founded in 2011, SLA is an independent school for children in nursery through grade 8 with a hands-on approach to science, arts, and math education. It also has a strong multilingual curriculum, and students interested in gaining fluency in French or, as of this fall, Mandarin can enroll in a full immersion track starting as early as nursery and Pre-K. As students advance grade levels, classes transition from100 percent target language immersion to 50 percent target language immersion and 50 percent English language. The school expects to complete both its French and Mandarin immersion tracks by 2024.

Over the past seven years, SLA has expanded in size, curriculum, and grade levels offered. Its new main campus, located in a former Long Island University Brooklyn building, is reflective of this growth. The school made several additions to the established building, including extra office space, a new standalone art room complete with a glass showcase area, and a library, which the school will continue to expand. Final construction was completed in June.

“This building is giving us the opportunity to grow into our original vision, which we were previously unable to do in our smaller space,” says the founder and head of school Jennifer Wilkin. “The idea is to become an educational institution for everyone, not just children.”

In the near future, SLA hopes to develop an evening curriculum specifically for adults that will offer language and culture classes in English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Science, Language & Arts International School main campus is located in 9 Hanover Place Brooklyn. For more information, visit the website or contact 718–636–3836 or [email protected].