School’s open

What a wonderful summer this was. Not too hot and very little actual need for air-conditioning. The beaches were full and still are as August winds down. September looks to be a continuation of this same pleasant atmospheric reality. What a super way for the kids to return to classes and the many engaging and creative activities we sign them up for.

This issue has a special section that presents many of these programs. Be sure to check it out and see what’s right for your family. They say our children are too scheduled but I don’t actually agree. I think they have a lot of free time and unfortunately spend too much time on gadgets and such. My belief is that there’s never enough good exposure to skills and alternative learning. Music, art, theater, athletics, enhanced learning centers, hand crafts, cooking, dance and martial arts, are all great programs to have kids experiencing beyond academic classes.

In my day we had a lot of these things in school itself. We had music and art, theater programs, gym, and many athletic teams. We had shop and home economics, and actually discussed household chores, bank accounts, and meal planning. People learned to make things, cut wood, hammer and saw, and were exposed to real life skills. With all the cutbacks in budgets over the years the curriculum has abandoned such things and mostly sticks to the ABCs. A loss for all, in my opinion, prompting parents to seek out these activities individually.

I’m thinking of those of you whose children are just starting school, going for the first time, perhaps to a new school, a new level, or for the very little ones, preschool. All of these milestones are memorable and should be kept that way. Record them and enjoy them. They will be a part of your memory book for years to come.

We have articles on sleep routines, shopping savings, and the important and timely topic of head injuries and kids sports. Be sure to read it. It’s so important and luckily it’s being written and talked about a great deal lately. I first began to think about the potential dangers facing our children in their athletic pursuits after watching an interesting sports report on T.V. a few years ago. Now it’s big news but I’m willing to bet there are still parents who are their sports-talented kids’ biggest fans and will be reluctant to put in place parameters and limitations. Don’t be one of them! In addition, make sure you have this discussion with your child’s coach or instructor. It’s important for them to know that parents are concerned and informed on this topic.

Hopefully your family had a good summer, enjoyed a vacation, and made the most of the free time, fine weather and lazy days of summer. Now it’s back to basics and to routines.

Wishing you a great September. Thanks for reading.