Sneakers With Double The Impact

We’re always impressed when a teen takes on an adult-sized venture like starting a business. When that business is committed to giving to others and producing original and well-designed products, we know we’ve found a teen who’s a game changer. Enter sixteen-year-old Ben Charles, NYC’s latest teen entrepreneur whose business SAVES by B is bringing sneakers to underprivileged kids. Simply buy a pair of Charles’ sneakers, priced at $50, and he’ll donate an identical pair to a youth in need in the United States, Africa, or South America. SAVES by B is partnering with Hoops 4 Hope and K.I.D.S. to distribute these sneakers.

Ben is a teen who feels passionately about sneakers. And not just as a fashion statement. “For me, sneakers gave me confidence and motivation. While ultimately I was the one performing on the field, it was the sneakers that allowed me to take those first steps–to want to run faster, jump higher, try out for a team or pick-up a basketball in the park,” Ben says.

And he wants others to have the same opportunities: “I started SAVES by B because I saw that so many people here and abroad either don’t have access to or are unable to afford sneakers.”

Ben is the real deal–he designs, creates, and manufactures the sneakers himself. To date, over 500 teens and youth in need have received sneakers. And he has plans to expand, launching more styles. There’s no telling what Ben Charles will do next–as a teen or an entrepreneur–but SAVES by B might be giving him that extra kick he needs.

Currently available in men’s (sizes 8-12), women’s (sizes 6-10), and youth (size 4 and up),