Catching Up With New Mama Sara Eisen From CNBC

Editor’s Note: Since publication, Sara Eisen and her husband have welcomed a healthy baby: Samuel! Congrats!

Sara Eisen isn’t slowing down any time soon, even at nine months pregnant! The CNBC news correspondent hosts shows “Squawk on the Street” and “Worldwide Exchange” every morning. Eisen and her husband Matthew Levine, a managing director for Bloomberg Television, tied the knot last May and are expecting their first baby this month! She is the ultimate career woman, preparing for her new life as a mom while balancing work and family.

Working in the same business, Eisen and Levine flip-flopped between Bloomberg and CNBC. They got to know one another when their time at Bloomberg overlapped. “We were very good friends for several years and once I left Bloomberg, I finally said yes to a date with him,” Eisen says. The rest is history.

Being a family-oriented person, Eisen always knew she wanted to have a family, but with a rising career, and a busy schedule to match, it was always put on the back burner. She exclaims her excitement with the expecting baby, “We’ve been figuring out how to balance everything and do it all. It’s going to be challenging, but it’s something we’re ready to take on,” she explains.

Her daily schedule, which starts at 3:30am for the 5am show, is particularly hectic, especially for an expectant mother. She speaks about her work challenges during her pregnancy: “Lately my big challenge is just sleeping. I’ve been so physically uncomfortable, the normal things that happen in the third trimester that make it difficult to sleep,” Eisen says. Her resilience and positive thinking keep her going while trying to manage it all. “Luckily the news cycle has been very exciting and there is a lot to talk about. I’ve been working closely with my companies to get a lot of good interviews lately and do some fun travel, so that has really kept me going and energetic during this period where I otherwise would’ve been exhausted,” she says.

As a consistent gym-goer before, Eisen has tried keeping her body moving during her pregnancy. During her first trimesters, she was able to work with her trainer, but with her recent lack of sleep, she says that it isn’t really an option anymore. However, she praises prenatal yoga for helping greatly with activity and stretching. “They teach you all sorts of breathing techniques and coping with pain which, I think, help you deal with labor. I haven’t put it in to practice yet, but it seems really useful,” Eisen explains. Being a true New Yorker, walking is her top form of exercise. She’s excited to share the amazing sounds and lights of the city with her baby.

This superwoman however, isn’t resistant to the almighty pregnancy cravings. Her weakness just so happens to be sweets, specifically cookies. “Matt, my husband, has become an expert in baking cookies. First it was just the frozen cookie dough, but now he can make it from scratch. We also have very good bakeries around Manhattan,” Eisen says. She claims her snacking helps get her through the day, “As long as I’m always taking breaks for food, that’s always really, really important for my energy. It just keeps me going.”

Despite still being a “mom-to-be,” Eisen already has her own tips and tricks to help her out. After many years of fighting the urge, her and her husband finally bought a car. “Its already been helpful when our friends with kids are outside the city or on Long Island. This way I can visit them regularly and it will be easier to do that,” Sara says, “and just in terms of running errands, it seems like there is going to be a lot more of trips like doctor’s appointments and everything.”

Eisen hopes to resume what she is doing now for work and continuing building her portfolio after having her baby: “Obviously I’ll have to figure out how to balance that and my personal life,” she says. She doesn’t seem stressed with after-birth plans. Her family and husband are her support system and she knows it will all work out when the time comes. As for now she’s focusing on work as much as possible before their little one makes an entrance. She remains an example for working moms everywhere that you can have it all when it comes to career and family.

To learn more about Sara Eisen, visit!

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