Music School Opens New Location in Flushing

Rhythm NY, a school that offers various types of music classes to adults and children, has a new location near Queens College in Flushing.

Owner Jack Kim says that this new location will provide an opportunity for people in the community to access music programs. The programs are geared toward reading music as much as possible. By the time students tackle a read they have never seen before, they will warm up to it quickly, says Kim.

“These programs are more engaging, especially in group settings,” says Kim. “People get to deal with other people and instruments, making the experience more fun and not just silently studying.”

Teachers will read notes to students and then communicate with them on a person-by-person basis; students have the opportunity to play the notes with their instruments for a few minutes to examine their progress.

Private and group programs are available for children, teenagers, and adults. Whether you’re beginner or advanced, classes are tailored to each individual’s needs. Teachers rotate everyday, featuring focused classes for drums on Mondays and guitars on Tuesdays, etc. 

No matter how students begin, becoming a master musician is where they’ll finish. By working with Rhythm NY, students will be guided on how easily they can achieve their musical mastery.

Rhythm NY is located at 7068 Kissena Blvd #3F, Flushing. For more information call 718-224-3364 or visit

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