Fertility Specialists at RMACT Help Norwalk Women Conceive

Reproductive Medical Associates of Connecticut recently opened its location in Norwalk. The clinic is staffed by fertility specialists and focuses on reproductive medicine.

On Jan. 5, Reproductive Medical Associates of Connecticut opened a new location in Norwalk.

“We decided to move in order to upgrade the patient experience at every level and to take advantage of the latest technology for our new embryology lab, which will help us continue to provide the best infertility care and pregnancy rates in the state,” says Mark Leondires, M.D., medical director at RMACT.

RMACT is host to award-winning, board-certified physicians, a state-of-the-art embryology lab, a yoga studio, three acupuncturists, and an on-staff nutritionist.

The clinic’s model of patient-centered care ensures that each patient is allotted a team of professionals—a fertility specialist, an assigned nurse, patient care coordinator, and financial services representative—to oversee their care and comfort. Financial planners are provided to help patients navigate insurance plans and financing options available to help ease the financial burden of infertility treatments.

RMACT offers complementary care services—such as Fertile Yoga and Ladies’ Night In, a peer-led support group—at the Norwalk location.

“We try to reach out to the community to make sure they’re educated so they know there is hope—for anyone that wants to have a child there is hope,” says Alicia McNeill, program development manager at RMACT, who adds that modified testing procedures and newer equipment contributes to a safer environment for embryos.

RMACT, which provides free fertility testing at its facility, is also the only clinic in Connecticut to offer Comprehensive Chromosome Screening, which analyzes embryos in advance of treatment to achieve higher implantation rates and fewer pregnancy losses, according to McNeill.

Above photo: From left: Shaun C. Williams, M.D., staff physician and fertility specialist; Mark Leondires, M.D., medical director and lead infertility doctor; Cynthia Murdock, M.D., staff physician and fertility specialist; Spencer Richlin, M.D., surgical director; and Joshua Hurwitz, M.D., staff physician and infertility specialist