Queens Parenting: Why We LOVE It Here

Why do you love being a parent in Queens? See how our readers answered that question!

We at NYMetroParents and Queens Parent asked readers to tell us, in words and photos, why they love being a parent in their particular hometown. Below are the answers we received, sorted by location.

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I love being a parent because I love to explore things with my kids, go to the museum, take them where they want.



The 4 libraries are awesome. Even one with a Starbucks cafe.  Many enjoyable public parks and playgrounds for our kids.



Queens is such a diverse place to live. The children are exposed to many cultures, activities and get a sense of the busy and exciting city life and quiet suburban life.

You can get yummy food, like fresh donuts with glaze and sprinkles at Chelsea Market [in Manhattan]! 


College Point

I love my hometown everyone is involved. They also have a lot of things happening here for the holidays. I find that wonderful for our children.



Because they offer so many activities for free!!! All year round


East Elmhurst

Child in East Elmhurst section of Queens, NYI love being a Queens mom because we have the world right outside our door! My son gets to experience the food, music and cultures of many different places, and every day is a new adventure!

Because I have access to all I like and need.

Home is where the heart is, and Queens made me the strong successful woman I am, and I am instilling great values to my son–we love our home, our neighbors, our city!



A Family in Elmhurst, Queens, NY
We are always tourists because we are living in it.


Far Rockaway

I love being a parent in New York–so much culture and attractions to explore that you can’t possibly get bored. I love to take my kids to different places to broaden their horizons, open up their creativity to new ideas. Spending time learning about my hometown motivates me to do more in my community.

Because there are so many things to do on Long Island and New York



I love being a parent in my hometown because of its diversity and culture.

I love being a parent in Queens, New York, because I love taking my child to places.

We live in Flushing, Queens. I was born and raised here, and my husband and I are now raising our daughter here. Queens is so wonderful because of its location and because it is so diverse. We learn new things from our friends and neighbors and share our traditions with them, too. It’s also nice to be close to all the other boroughs and Long Island. We can pick and chose where we want to explore on the weekends!

I love being a parent in NY because there’s activities all over the different boroughs that offer free and kid-friendly activities that keep my three active boys entertained. They are fascinated with all the events as well as learn about arts. I can raise my boys to be well-educated and open-minded individuals.

We’re in the middle of everything.

I love being a parent in Queens because it is the best of both worlds: equal parts city and suburbs.

I am thankful to my God that I am in NY because I have an autistic kid and there are so many therapies for my beautiful kid, I cannot imagine, and I thank the state also for appreciating these special-needs children.


Forest Hills

I love being a parent in the Borough of Queens, NY.  Queens is the most diverse borough in New York City, and as such, it exposes my daughters to the richness of various peoples and cultures.  Queens has incredible shopping venues, parks, and recreation where children can learn and thrive.  I would not want to live in any other borough in this fine city.

I live in Queens, close to Manhattan and mid way to Long Island, where I work. Plenty of cultural and restaurant options and a lot of diversity.

It has great schools, [it is] safe, and offers plenty of things to do with the kids.

I love being a parent in Forest Hills. Kids can walk everywhere, there is so much to learn and to see. The childcare options are plentiful, and schools are amazing.


Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC
Because as Latin immigrants we found most of the food, language, and culture from our countries, and we can learn about others countries’ culture, too.



A barbecue in Jamaica, Queens, in NY
I love being a mom in Queens, New York, because it [is] close to transportation where I can get and go anywhere with the kids. Also, there is so much fun stuff to do in Queens. It’s a very big borough. My kids were born and raised in Queens. I came from Trinidad, and this is the big borough I landed on. We will never move out, don’t matter what!

I love being a parent in my hometown, Queens, because you have the best of both urban and suburban worlds, with so many things to see and do. There’s great places to bring kids, such as the Hall of Science, PS1 Moma, Queens Zoo, Queens Farm, Queens Botanical Garden, Rockaway Beach, Flushing Meadows, to mention a few. You can also explore authentic cuisines around the world without leaving Queens. There’s so much diversity and culture in Queens, which is why I love my hometown.

A lot of educational & interesting children’s activities that are world class but free.

I love being a parent in Queens, because there are so many things to do with my daughter.

I live in Jamaica, Queens, and I love, love, love the diversity here!!! I do not have to venture far to explore food or activities of a different culture than mine, and that’s a true blessing. My 7-year-old appreciates, understands, and respects that though we might all come from different places and have different values, our community brings us together as one!


A happy boy in Jamaica, Queens, NYC
I love being a mom in Queens because it’s close knit. We are all like family. There are a lot of families with kids here. I feel comfortable and being a mom is just great in general. I love when I come home and see him playing with his toys and how he says “I love you” and “Mommy, I miss you.” He is the joy in my life, and I would not change it for anything.

I love being a parent of Queens becausw of the multicultural diversity. My family, especially my kids, can experience and learn about other cultures.


Kew Gardens

I love being a parent in New York because there are so many learning opportunities for children in fun-filled environments. I am a new resident of Queens and feel lucky to live across the street from the LIRR so I can make it into the city with my son in 17 minutes.

I love being a parent in Queens, specifically Kew Gardens, because we are away from the noisy hustle-and-bustle of Manhattan but close enough to kid-friendly activities: the New York Hall of Science (which my 7-year-old daughter loves), the playground in Forest Park and the Austin-Ehrenreich Playground in Forest Hills, dance (All Star Studios) and gymnastics (Park City Gymnastics). There are also all the family-friendly restaurants like Dani’s (delicious meat sauce and pizza!), Austin Ale House, Odradeks Café, and the new Caffe Bene in Kew Gardens; Banter (fantastic food), Cobblestones (great for catching a game and the waitresses are so kind to our kid), Bareburger (yummy burgers), Twist ‘n’ Smash’d (perfect portions for kids) and more in Forest Hills. When we want to go to Manhattan (American Museum of Natural History is a favorite), the closest subway stop is a five-minute walk. I’m sad that the Barnes and Noble in Forest Hills closed as that was a great place to take our daughter on very cold or very hot days and to buy birthday gifts, but I remain hopeful that there will be another Queens bookstore opening somewhere soon.

Queens is the most diverse place to raise a child.


Little Neck

So much to see, so much to do, all year around!

I love my hometown because its has a small town feeling.

I love the proximity to all the great activities the boroughs have to offer! There is always something to do or see, and all within an hour drive!

There [is] so much to do. It’s like reliving my childhood again.


Long Island City

NYC is our playground! Best city ever!

I love being a parent in my hometown of LIC [Long Island City], NY, because the community is close knit and looks out for each other. There are offerings for all age groups, ranging from happy-hour readings at your local library, singing carols at restaurants during the holidays, to cleaning up debris and weeds at the neighborhood park.  


Middle Village

I love my hometown because it’s full of energy and so much fun, with a diversity of cultures that we become one.


Oakland Gardens

I love living in Queens. It’s very multicultural. Where I live is the best school district in Queens. I’m 15 minutes to Nassau County, 15/20 minutes to Manhattan (given no traffic). Having children and not having to travel far to introduce diversity is awesome. I love my hometown.


Ozone Park

I love being a parent in Queens because of the diversity of culture, food, languages. We are so lucky to be surrounded by people from all around the globe.


Queens Village

Queens has the most accessible playgrounds, museums, and ways to get around.  While I live in Jamaica, Queens, I can take a 20-minute bus ride and arrive at Flushing Meadow park and enjoy a zoo, an amusement park, playground, museum, ice skating, indoor swimming, plenty of fields to run and play, and even bbq. Queens is where I grew up and couldn’t imagine living in any other borough.


Rego Park

I love being a parent in the borough of Queens because there are so many parks and activities I can take my kids to do. They love the NY Hall of Science or we can take a short ride to the children’s museum in Long Island. Also in Queens, there are so many parks they can play safely and they have activities for them, too. I was born and raised here, and I’m so happy I can raise my kids in the same area I grew up in.

So many things and places to discover with my children.

New York is the best place to have fun with children.

Rego Park, Queens: proximity to the beach, mountains, city, entertainment and foodie access.  Love it all!


Richmond Hill

Girls in the Richmond Hill section of Queens, NY
Reminds me to take my time and enjoy my life more

I like my borough, especially where I live, because is safe and there is a lot of transportation.



I love being a parent in Queens because I feel like my family is safe! There are so many nice, clean parks to bring my son to without traveling too far. There are also some great schools in my district!

Because I have kids and we all love doing family activities each and every weekend.

It’s one of a kind, fabulous place!!!!

I love being a mother in my hometown of Glendale, Queens, because I am in the center of everything. I am 20 minutes from Manhattan and 20 minutes from Long Island for anything or anywhere I want to go with my 4-year-old. We love to experience new places and we can go at anytime.


Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach, Queens, NYC
Who wouldn’t love it here?


South Richmond Hill

We have all the kids’ activities. Children enjoy them.  My children can stay in [the] same borough to get all the opportunities to develop academically, mentally, and physically.


Springfield Gardens

Boys in Springfield Gardens, Queens, NYC

New York has all there is to offer: fun filled family activities, educational activities, and most of all, exposure to delicious food from cultures around the world!

Queens is the best for parents: Hall of science, Flushing Meadows, Citi Field, both airports, beach and marina, and accessible to all boroughs. Community council is great, along with great schools.



Mets batter and boy from Whitestone, Queens, NYC
As parents, we love the Fresh Meadows Park’s Hall of Science, which is just a stone’s throw away from our hometown heroes. Let’s go Mets!



I love being a Queens parent because there are many activities I can do with my daughter and I love being up-to-date with NYMetroParents!

Many fun & educational places for the children



Children in Woodside, Queens, NYC

I love my borough because we have a lot of friends around here, good stores, good schools, a lot of different cultures and great places to visit as a family.

Love being a mom in NYC, there is always something to do, never dull. The interaction with so many different people provides such a nice educational experience for my son. No matter what borough we go to, there is always something fun to see or do.

There are unlimited places to enjoy with my kid

My town is close to everything

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