Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

readingJust because school’s out, it doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Check out this list of great books for your children to read this summer! (Pop Sugar)

Body image begins at a young age. In an effort to emphasize that who we are is not how we look, some camps are banning “fat talk” and “skinny talk” and all appearance-based talk all together. (The Motherlode)

When one mother-of-four couldn’t find the equivalent of the character-based toys her girls had to play with for her son, she decided to make them herself (and bring them to your home too!). And you won’t find bulky muscles or superpowers in these “action figures!” (Huff Post Parents)
A one-year-old baby girl just got the birthday party of a lifetime! See how her parents decked out her “name day” celebrations with their favorite “Game Of Thrones” decorations (including a mini throne of swords for the birthday girl)! (Mashable)

Sisters, ages 9 and 6, made up a list of qualities they will look for in a boyfriend–and the result is super-cute. (ABC News)

Kids (and parents) of the 90s rejoice! With a different cast, Lifetime will be recreating the iconic 90’s television show, “Saved by the Bell,” in a movie. (Buzzfeed)

New York City’s budget is incorporating a lunch program that will provide free lunch to the city’s public middle schools this fall! (Huffington Post)

Get ready to say “awww!” An enthusiastic dad takes the stage with his disabled daughter and wow’s the crowd with their dancing! (Today)

New research show that you can start building your child’s vocabulary at a very young age by simply by reading to them as infants. (New York Times)

Some studies show that women starting to have their children at 33 or older are twice as likely to live until 95 or older than those who have their kids earlier. (Time)