Pulling the Switcharoo

Parents are steeling themselves for the great avalanche of Halloween candy that is about to rain down on their normally nutrient-rich tables, but this year they can choose a partner in crime to help make their kids’ treats disappear: the Switch Witch or The Sugar Goblin. They, and their hardcover books, have been invented by creative parents to help switch candy for a toy (that the adults provide).

“The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft” is written by Audrey Kinsman, whose son couldn’t eat most of his Halloween haul due to a food allergy. In her tale, illustrated by Milena Kirkova, the Switch Witches collect the candy of well-behaved children and use it to heat their homes and power their brooms. And what child could refuse the Switch Witch doll with her big, pleading eyes?

The Sugar Goblin is the brainchild of Crystal and Michael Boyle, parents who wanted their kids to be gobblin’ less candy. Their tale, “The Sugar Goblin: The Return of Tricks for Treats,” and adorable green, plush character, come in a sturdy, keepsake box. In the days before Halloween, this creature will be cavorting through homes like the Elf on the Shelf, turning up in comic poses and performing tricks in anticipation of receiving the kids’ candy.

According to the Boyles’ book, illustrated by Darren Cranford, the goblins need to replenish their empty candy storage cave — or they’ll starve!

The Switch Witch and the Sugar Goblin sets — recommended for kids ages 3 and older — make for fun, new Halloween traditions for families that want a sweet — yet healthy — holiday.

The Switch Witch and the Magic of Switchcraft set, $29.99, www.target.com; and The Sugar Goblin set, $29.99, www.amazon.com.