PTS Coaching Now Offering In-Home Tutoring

PTS Coaching, a nationwide parent-training program for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is now offering private home tutoring for children of all ages.

The home tutoring program will help students figure out how they learn best, allowing them to develop the skills they can use now and throughout their life.

“Parents look for tutors with an understanding of their kids,” ADHD Coach, Teacher Trainer and Parenting Specialist Cindy Goldrich said. “Instead of telling kids, ‘Hey, pay attention,’ when they don’t pay attention, teachers will say, ‘Let’s figure it out together.'”

Goldrich has been training teachers for several years on the impact ADHD and executive function has on a child’s learning. Teachers she has worked with have received additional training so that they become expert tutors for children with these challenges.

Goldrich is currently looking for more teachers to train. Her training will give teachers the ability to apply different learning techniques and methods deemed suitable for individual children.

PTS Coaching understands the challenges that parents and children face. With proper support, PTS Coaching will provide the tools and strategies necessary to help empower your child. 

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