Private Schools in New York City

If we learned anything from the spring when NYC schools switched to online learning, it’s that being a parent and a teacher is hard. Balancing our work schedules with our little one’s school schedule was no easy task, and now that in-person education is back (in various degrees with blended learning), you’re probably set on finding the best school for your kiddo. Considering a private school education? Well we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about NYC private schools! Read our guide to see if NYC private schools are a good fit for your family.

Looking for a bilingual educational experience? Check out our scoop on Lycée Français de New York!

Smaller Class Sizes

With a lower number of kids in each class as compared to public schools, NYC private schools offer a more individualized experience for your kiddo. Teachers are able to fully understand the needs of your little scholar and address those needs with extra support and resources. Not only is the relationship between teachers and students stronger in a smaller classroom, but classes are often full of engaging discussions and activities that encourage active participation from every student. The emphasis on an interactive educational experience makes learning enjoyable for your kiddos, and at the same time, they’ll seamlessly develop confidence and communication skills.

Resources & Opportunities

With large endowments and alumni networks, NYC private schools offer unique resources and opportunities for your kids. These may include peer-to-peer tutoring, college counseling, volunteer work, summer internships, technology, career advice from alumni, and much more! Your little scholar will definitely have the resources they need to succeed at a NYC private school.

Incredible Facilities

NYC private schools have state-of-the-art facilities that your little one will love! They can study in the library or check out books for research, attend rehearsals in the theater, practice their favorite sport in the gym or on the stellar athletic fields, and take advantage of the science and tech labs. In environments like these, kids are inspired and excited to dive into their individual interests and passions.

Leadership & Responsibility

At NYC private schools, your kids are given a lot more responsibility. Teachers trust their students. They want them to be self-sufficient and accountable for their own actions, while also providing them with the support they need to do so. And with responsibility comes leadership! Your kiddos will have plenty of opportunities to be leaders: run for class government, present in class, take on independent projects, be the president of a club or team captain of a sport, lead their study group, etc. We love how NYC private schools truly care about fostering these leadership opportunities for our little ones.

Flexibility & Freedom

Since NYC private schools aren’t government funded, they don’t have to follow the same guidelines that public schools do. This gives them more freedom to adapt their curriculum, develop unique programming, and teach in creative ways. Therefore, these schools also have more flexibility, which is especially important in the age of COVID-19. With the freedom to think about various methods of learning, NYC private schools foster a strong sense of community as students interact and engage with each other in multiple different ways.


While we love everything that NYC private schools have to offer, we know that affordability is a big concern as well. A lot of these private schools have expensive tuition costs, so you may be worried about affording them or hesitant about paying for pre-college education. But if you are interested in a particular NYC private school, don’t discount the school because of the cost of attendance right away. Most of these schools have financial aid programs and scholarships that make the education affordable, so look into the programs at the specific NYC private schools that you’re considering.

K-8 Listings

Online School

Calvert Academy Online School 


Calvert Academy is an accredited, online private school for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. This complete, diploma-granting program combines the flexibility of at-home learning with a rigorous academic curriculum. All Calvert Academy students receive an individualized learning plan and a personalized academic support team of teachers, advisors, and counselors to ensure they have a strong foundation for achievement. In addition, Calvert offers significant savings over traditional private schooling with a full set of courses starting at just $229/month with no registration fees. To learn more, talk with a friendly education specialist or visit their website.


BASIS Independent Manhattan (PreK–Grade 5)

795 Columbus Ave., New York, NY 

347- 305-4960

BASIS Independent Manhattan Upper (Grades 6–12)

556 W. 22nd Street, New York, NY 

347- 305-4960

BASIS Independent Manhattan, a PreK–12 private school, is opening a second location in Chelsea in fall 2021!  The beautiful new Upper School campus will be home to the school’s advanced Middle & High School program (grades 6–12), while their flagship Upper West Side campus will continue to serve PreK–5 students. From the spacious outdoor terrace to the bright, thoughtfully-designed classrooms, the BASIS Independent Manhattan Upper campus is the ideal setting for student learning and growth.

Dwight School

Preschool & Kindergarten: 144 Riverside Boulevard (66th Street) 

Grades 1-12: 18 West 89th Street

Preschool & K: 212-362-2350

Main Campus: 212-724-3630

Founded in 1872, Dwight School is an internationally renowned independent school (nursery to grade 12), committed to educating the next generation of innovative global leaders — one student at a time. Providing a personalized experience for each student through the academically rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, Dwight is dedicated to “igniting the spark of genius” in every child. Dwight School has been recognized by the IB organization as a world leader in international education.

The École

111 East 22nd St. and 206 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010

646- 410- 2238

The École instills in students with a lifetime benefit of bilingual education, empowering them to create and connect to a world filled with possibilities.Located in New York’s vibrant Flatiron District, our intimate and independent French-American school an internationally-minded community of students. From Maternelle to Middle School, we artfully blend the best of the French and American educational systems, gifting our students with deep academic bi-literacy, whole-child skills and knowledge, and an optimistic, multi-cultural perspective. Through their illuminating journey, students grow more flexible, fluid, interested, interesting, persistent, and positive.

Gillen Brewer School  

410 E. 92nd St., New York, NY


Gillen Brewer provides a family-oriented, early childhood program for children ages 2.8 to 10 years old with language-based and non-verbal learning disabilities. Learning and growing in a secure and nurturing environment, their students develop the skills necessary to overcome challenges. They work closely with families to instill self-confidence and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning and independence.

Great Oaks Charter School 

38 Delancey Street


Great Oaks Charter School – New York City (GO – NYC) is located on Manhattan’s culturally rich and diverse Lower East Side. We opened our doors in 2013 where students are provided with a high-quality, rigorous education, which includes foreign language and the arts. Currently we serve students in grades 6-8 and will open our first High School in August 2021 with 9th grade. GO-NYC provides a safe and nurturing environment for all students. English Language Learners and students with IEPs receive admissions preference in our lottery. In addition to our strong and professional teaching staff, we have a partnership with Ameri-Corps and employ 40+  full-time Fellows. Every GO-NYC student is provided with two full periods of individualized, small group instruction from a GO-NYC Fellow. Support includes small group English Language Arts and mathematics instruction as well as social and emotional support. 

The IDEAL School of Manhattan

314 W 91st St, New York, NY 10024

(212) 769-1699

Was your remote learning experience less than IDEAL? An IDEAL option does exist! At The IDEAL School of Manhattan, New York’s only K-12 independent inclusion school, their 2020-21 students have the opportunity to attend in-person at their Upper West Side Campus or online via our exceptional distance learning program. If you are not satisfied with your child’s current school option, they encourage you to consider IDEAL’s unique mission and learning model. Please see their website to view their 2020-21 Reopening Plan or contact to learn about financial aid or to take a virtual tour.

The International Academy of New York 

4 East 90th Street, New York, NY 


The International Academy of New York is a non-profit, independent school for Pre-Nursery – Grade 5. The school is multicultural and diverse, with a curriculum centered on outstanding literacy and math skills, immersion in Chinese or Spanish, and deep dives into art and music. IANY delivers personal attention to each student, nurturing their intellectual, physical, creative, social and emotional development, teaching them the skills to contribute and thrive in today’s world. With classrooms of 10 students or fewer, outdoor learning on the roof deck as well as Central Park next door, the school plans to fully open for in person learning this fall. Accepting applications.

Lyceum Kennedy French American School  

225 E. 43rd Street., New York, N.Y.


lkadmissions@lyceumkennedy.orgLyceum Kennedy’s mission is to provide its students with a unique bilingual education based on the principles of self-expression and differentiated pedagogy (Nursery through 12th Grades). The school’s solid foundation allows students to grow into full participants in the world around them and keep a passion for knowledge throughout their lives. Lyceum Kennedy’s teacher/student ratio allows the school to understand and work with each student as an individual in order to ensure academic success and instill a love of learning. Students have the option to follow the French Ministry of Education, New York State Board of Regents and/or the International Baccalaureate program.

Pine Street School 

25 Pine St., NY NY 10005


Pine Street School is NYC’s only fully-accredited International Baccalaureate World School with a full-immersion Spanish and Mandarin program from Nursery (2s) through 8th Grade, and a Supplemental Spanish Program for new Spanish speakers in Grades 1-5.  Using highly-respected international curriculums and the latest educational research, we prepare capable, confident, and responsible 21st-century world citizens and changemakers to best deliver an intellectually rigorous, inquiry-based approach that prioritizes student agency, technological fluency, and developing a global perspective. Conveniently near public transportation in the Financial District, regular age-appropriate field trips keep the learning meaningful and relevant. Contact admissions for information about available spots for 2020-21 and 2021-‘22, and inquire about Financial Aid starting in Kindergarten.

Wetherby-Pembridge School 

7 East 96th Street, New York, NY


Wetherby-Pembridge is a British independent school for boys and girls ages 2 – 14 (Nursery 2- Grade 8) and holds sacred core values of Respect, Resilience, and Responsibility. The curriculum is based on the rigorous English National Curriculum and is enriched by NYC’s cultural experiences. Children are inspired to achieve personal confidence and success with integrity, kindness, respect, and manners. Wetherby-Pembridge partners with families to provide an academically challenging and bespoke program that works to supply all children with the tools to create in the world. Their unique community is educationally engaging and family-focused—Contact Director of Admissions, for more information or enrolling.

York Preparatory School 

40 West 68th Street

New York, NY 10023


York Prep, a top New York City private school for students in grades 6 – 12, works with students to foster a sense of community with an approach to education that is unique and inclusive. We are a community of excited learners and compassionate educators thriving amongst intellectual, economic, and ethnic diversity. Our Jump Start Program, College Guidance Department, and Scholars Program are unmatched, and no two students come in or leave exactly the same. The fact that every student from York goes to college, and that so many get into their top choice schools are results of our approach to individualized education.

Zeta Charter Schools

Zeta Inwood 1 Elementary

652 West 187th St., New York, NY

Zeta Schools are high-performing, next-generation schools with an innovative, whole-child approach. Starting with a foundation of world-class academics, their complementary social-emotional program emboldens students with the skills to thrive. It is extraordinarily important that children have the time and space to explore potential interests and passions. That’s why at Zeta, students engage in Specialist Classes as part of the school day, which may include chess, music, art, sports, and Taekwondo. Currently, Zeta is accepting applications for pre-K through 3rd grade for the 2020-21 school year at schools located in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.


BASIS Independent Brooklyn Lower (PreK–Grade 2)

138 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, NY 

917- 473-1615

BASIS Independent Brooklyn (Grades 3–12)

556 Columbia St., Brooklyn, NY 

917- 473-1615

BASIS Independent Brooklyn, a PreK – 12 private school, will open a second campus for fall 2021 at City Point in Downtown Brooklyn that will serve students in PreK–grade 2. This state-of-the-art facility will be thoughtfully designed to welcome their youngest learners to the BASIS Independent Brooklyn curriculum and community. The school’s flagship campus in Red Hook will continue to be home to students in grades 3–12. BASIS Independent Brooklyn is accepting applications in grades PreK–10 for fall 2021.

Ember Charter School for Mindful Education, Innovation and Transformation

Elementary, Middle & High School

616 Quincy St., Brooklyn 

500 Macon St., Brooklyn 

(718) 285-3787

Ember offers a K-12 learning experience with an innovative culturally responsive and trauma-informed educational and human development program focused on empowering young people to become social entrepreneurs, engineers and global leaders. With our expansive progressive, holistic and global program, we’ve integrated a unique teacher-lead approach into our school to inspire and drive positive economic, socio-emotional and cultural outcomes within the communities we serve. 

Science, Language & Arts International School

Main Campus: 9 Hanover Place, Brooklyn, NY

Early Childhood Campus: 132 4th Place, Brooklyn, NY


SLA’s immersion programs are French: Nursery (age 2) through Middle School; and Mandarin: Nursery (age 2) through Grade 1, expanding to Middle School by 2023. Their model is based on the hands-on integration of science with visual arts, language immersion, and math. A project-based, science-fueled interdisciplinary focus allows children to make connections, work independently and collaboratively, and solve problems creatively.

Urban Dove Team Charter School

1256 E. 21st St., Brooklyn, NY

917- 588-1002

Urban Dove Team Charter Schools are completely unique and innovative alternative sports-based high schools for over-aged, under-credited youth that combine a rigorous academic curriculum with a hands-on, real-world vocational program, and an award-winning college and career readiness program that strives to give each graduate a high school diploma, a foundation for higher education, and the job skills needed to enter the workforce. New students must be 16 years old or younger, have already attended 9th grade, and have completed less than 8 core credits. Visit to apply!


The Kew Forest School

119-17 Union Turnpike

Forest Hills, NY 11375


Established in 1918 and having celebrated its centennial this past year, The Kew-Forest School is the oldest independent co-ed, college preparatory school in Queens. With 70+ nationalities represented on campus and 30+ languages spoken at home, the School provided a safe nurturing, and intellectually vigorous environment for students in Preschool through Grade 12.  For more information, please contact:  Brad Walters, Director of Admission,

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy 

115-50 221st Street, Cambria Heights, NY


At Sacred Heart Catholic Academy a school of one in Faith, working together with reverence for God and with respect for one another. The Academy strives to instruct, instill and inspire each other to be productive Catholic members of society.  Students learn the values and traditions of Faith as they are incorporated in each and every academic and extracurricular activity.  Each child is encouraged to discover and appreciate his/her personal worth and value to the community of God’s people.  The school strives to provide students with opportunities to develop their fullest potential and the ability to honestly evaluate their own efforts and accomplishments through daily challenges.  

St. Joseph Catholic Academy

28-46 44 St., Long Island City, NY


St. Joseph Catholic Academy is committed to developing students of diverse backgrounds and faiths from nursery through 8th grade by providing a well-rounded foundation for future learning and life. In addition to religion class and religious activities, they offer a rigorous academic program, complemented by classes in music, art, library, physical education, Spanish, Mandarin, and yoga/mindfulness. Children are also exposed to co-curricular activities. All instructional areas are equipped with SMARTBoard computer technology and students have access to a portable notebook lab, and a newly renovated computerized library containing twenty-five upgraded computer PCs. The new STEM lab provides hands-on instruction for all students grades K-8. They also offer the PreK for All program of the NYC Board of Education for 4-year-olds.

Our World Neighborhood Charter Schools

OWN 1 Elementary School, 36-12 35th Avenue, Astoria

OWN 1 Middle School, 31-20 37th Street, Astoria

OWN 2 Elementary School, 135-25 79th Street, Howard Beach

Admissions: 646-415-2775,

Our World Neighborhood Charter Schools (OWNCS) educates students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. The educational philosophy is based on inquiry, active and experiential learning, and social justice.  OWNCS is committed to providing strong educational opportunities for children in underserved communities. They believe in the importance of creating socio-economically and culturally diverse schools.  OWNCS is committed to an educational philosophy based on inquiry, active and experiential learning, and social justice. Through a literacy-based, integrated and standards-driven curriculum that encourages community and honors diversity, OWNCS students receive the broad education they will need to meet the academic and social challenges of the best New York City High Schools, and indeed, to thrive in today’s world.

The Windsor School 

37-02 Main St., Flushing, NY

The Windsor School is offering five days a week of in-school instruction for students in grades 7-12. When students and families need a return to full-time, in-school instruction, Windsor School is here for you. Classes will be capped at ten students per class, allowing for proper social distancing. We have enhanced our air filtration system to conform to CDC guidelines. Generous scholarship and financial assistance packages are available. Seats are limited! Contact the principal, James DeFeo, for admission inquiries.


Brilla Public Charter Schools 

Brilla College Prep Elementary, 413 E 144th St

Brilla College Prep Middle School, 500 Courtlandt Ave

Brilla Veritas, 600 E 156th St.

Brilla Caritas & Brilla Pax, 2336 Andrews Ave


Brilla Public Charter Schools, K-8 schools in the classical tradition, helps students to grow intellectually, socially and physically into young men and women of good character and spirit, and to be prepared for excellence in high school, college and beyond. Character development is just as important as academic outcomes, for that reason Brilla prioritizes a joyful environment and works in partnership with our families. Applications are rolling until all seats are filled. Call today. 

Capital Preparatory Bronx Charter School 

755 Co Op City Blvd, Bronx NY

Since 2006, 100% of Capital Preparatory School’s graduates have been accepted to 4-year colleges. Now they are bringing that commitment to the Bronx. Founded by Dr. Steve Perry and Sean “Diddy” Combs, Capital Preparatory Bronx Charter School is committed to fostering a loving environment where students’ individual needs are met and expectations are exceeded. Their year-round, college preparatory model with a Social Justice theme allows their students to be more than scholars, they learn to be agents of change. Capital Prep offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, an eclectic variety of athletic programs and programs for students who demonstrate extraordinary academic achievement. They are still accepting applications for both 6th and 7th grades for their waitlist. They say they have a solid, strong team of illuminators and plan to deploy full student support (academic, social and emotional) this year, saying “We will start strong no matter what!!”

St. Brendan’s School 

268 207th St., Bronx


For more than 100 years, this school has provided a quality Catholic education to its students in grades pre-K through 8th. They strive to educate the spirit and develop the intellect in an environment that emphasizes Christian values and creates an atmosphere fostering responsibility and courtesy. Your child will receive a strong academic education in structured surroundings. Self-discipline, accountability, and self-motivation are among the benefits of the school’s program. Teaching the whole child is a priority, and they offer an exemplary academic curriculum, supplemented with visual arts instruction, weekly music lessons, physical education, and technology classes. They provide an early drop-off breakfast program and after school care services until 6 pm. Scholarships are available.

University Prep Public Schools 

UP High School:

600 St. Ann’s Ave., 4th Floor

UP Middle School:

470 Jackson Ave., 3rd Floor


Opening its doors over 10 years ago, University Prep Charter High School (UPCHS) is among the highest performing High Schools in the Bronx. UPCHS is a free, public, 9-12, college-preparatory school serving 440 students in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx. They boast an average 99% four-year graduation rate, 100% college acceptance rate, and a 98% parent approval rating. UPCHS is a proud recipient of the 2016 National Blue Ribbon Award and is consistently ranked among the top performing high schools in New York State. University Prep has expanded their locus of impact to grades 5-8 with the opening of University Prep Middle School last fall. At UPCMS they are extending their highly successful model and providing a path for younger students to reach even more impressive heights by 12th grade. 

Urban Dove Team Charter School II 

860 Forest Ave, Bronx

718-682-3975 or 646-341-0079

Urban Dove Team Charter Schools are completely unique and innovative alternative sports-based high schools for over-aged, under-credited youth that combine a rigorous academic curriculum with a hands-on, real-world vocational program, and an award-winning college and career readiness program that strives to give each graduate a high school diploma, a foundation for higher education, and the job skills needed to enter the workforce. New students must be 16 years old or younger, have already attended 9th grade, and have completed less than 8 core credits. Visit to apply!

Zeta Charter Schools

Zeta Bronx 1 Elementary 

222 Alexander Avenue, Bronx NY


Zeta Schools are high-performing, next-generation schools with an innovative, whole-child approach. Starting with a foundation of world-class academics, their complementary social-emotional program emboldens students with the skills to thrive. It is extraordinarily important that children have the time and space to explore potential interests and passions. That’s why at Zeta, students engage in Specialist Classes as part of the school day, which may include chess, music, art, sports, and Taekwondo. Currently, Zeta is accepting applications for pre-K through 3rd grade for the 2020-21 school year at schools located in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx.


Green Meadow Waldorf School 

307 Hungry Hollow Rd. Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977


Wondering what school will look like this Fall? Green Meadow Waldorf School plans to reopen on September 9, 2020. We are also creating hybrid learning plans for any students unable to return to campus, and have distance learning plans ready. A Green Meadow education has always included lots of outdoor time in all grades; we are leveraging that strength to expand our outdoor classroom spaces. Class sizes throughout the school will be kept small for safety and our popular, all-outdoor Forest Preschool is open. Join us for a virtual Information Session or a private in-person tour to learn more. Busing available from Westchester & NYC!   

Oakwood Friends School 

22 Spackenkill Road

Poughkeepsie, NY


On September 14th, Oakwood Friends School launches the Fall semester with in-person programming, academic and extracurricular, with highly-advanced safety protocols to keep students learning and growing – academically and socially! Founded in 1796, guided by Quaker principles, Oakwood educates and strengthens young people for lives of conscience, compassion and accomplishment. On a 60-acre campus with luxurious space to spread out for safety, students experience a challenging curriculum, with social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion central to community. Grades 5-12, boarding & day programs available. Easily reachable from NYC and Westchester via Metro North to Poughkeepsie. Visit website for full details re: VIRTUAL Open Houses and Campus Tour.

Ross School

18 Goodfriend Drive East Hampton, NY 11937

631- 907-5000

Ross School is a co-educational institution serving more than 300 students from grades pre-nursery to 12 and postgraduates, including boarders in grades 7-12 on our beautiful campus in East Hampton, New York.  The school’s mission is to change the way education meets the future; to foster interdisciplinary, integrated thinking and innovative leadership; to engage fully in the global community; and to facilitate lifelong learning.  Ross is the only K–12 private, nonprofit school on the East End and offers both day and boarding options.