Pop Ups release new album

When we heard that Brooklyn’s the Pop Ups had a third CD coming out, it was music to our ears! Jason Rabinowitz and Jacob Stein — the talented duo that is the Pop Ups — will serve up their electro-pop “Appetite for Construction” on Aug. 19. It’ll sate the cravings of parents yearning to hear fun, dance-able music that reminds them of their own carefree youth (“Block House” has tinkling echoes of Madonna’s “Lucky Star”!). Even the lyrics have delightfully retro references — when brainstorming the possibilities in a square, they sing: “You could be a window or a tooth, or a CD case for Sonic Youth.” Most importantly, their fanciful word play encourages wee ones to collage, build, and aim high, asking, “Are you more influenced by Frank Gehry or Rem Koolhaas?” We recommend this CD for listeners of all ages.x

“Appetite for Construction” CD by The Pop Ups, $14.98, www.thepopups.com.