Pieces of family history

Our NYC Floor Puzzle, illustrated by Jane Archer, is a colorful map of all five boroughs and features landmarks, museums, and points of interest to discover with the whole family.

Assembling the 100-piece puzzle is a wonderful pastime for everyone ages 4 and older. Manufactured by Brooklyn-based company Cardborders, the finished map measures 18-inches by 24-inches. The large size of the pieces (3-inches by 2-inches) ensures that they aren’t easily lost, and it maximizes the opportunity for success for kids who are just honing their puzzle-assembling chops.

Piecing it together was a sweet experience for our whole family as we recalled happy memories of places we have visited (wandering the halls of the Natural History Museum! Thrilling rides in Coney Island! Taking an Eco Cruise!). And we shouted out in disbelief over all of the fantastic sites we have yet to explore.

And the piece de resistance is that after the puzzle is assembled, kids get to put their house on the map with the enclosed sticker.

Our NYC Floor Puzzle by Cardborders, $24, www.barneys.com.

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