Parent Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Parents applying their child to nursery school and independent on-going schools can expect face-to-face interviews with the admissions team for schools that they’re serious about (though every school is different and the process can vary). This can be a daunting process, but it’s an essential one—and it’s just as much about you determining whether a school is a good fit as it is about the school evaluating you. To help ease the anxiety, here are some handy do’s and don’ts for the parent interview!


  • Be on time
  • Be yourself and be genuine
  • Be honest about your child’s needs & your family’s values
  • Do your homework by researching the school ahead of time
  • Ask meaningful questions that speak to your goals for your child’s education
  • Know what you’re looking for in an education philosophy and be able to articulate it
  • Assume that every interaction you have with the school is being observed—so be respectful and pleasant to every staff member you come in contact with
  • Share any relevant concerns that you have
  • Write a sincere thank-you note afterwards
  • Stay organized and keep track of each school’s requirements regarding the interview process


  • Be late
  • Brag, show off excessively, or display a competitive attitude
  • Ask too many questions that you could likely find the answer to on the school’s website
  • Dominate the conversation or turn the interview into an interrogation
  • Make comparisons to other schools
  • Feel too intimidated to ask questions or share genuine concerns
  • Insist that your child is the absolute perfect fit and simply must go to the school in question
  • Use skeptical, disapproving, or unimpressed body language
  • Use your cell phone—at all

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