Out of the ‘Blue’

Kids can discover scientific concepts while on an out-of-this-world adventure in Galxyz’s new app “Blue Apprentice.”

Galxyz founder Osman Rashid’s digital game for students ages 6-12 is rich in science content — and surprisingly, has many moments of laugh-out-loud dialogue. While it is entertaining, Blue Apprentice takes its educational component seriously. Created in partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences to follow Next Generation Science Standards, it covers more than 45 topics.

Players customize their avatar, Thalo, and — along with their flying friend Grit, a wisecracking Chipku — they’re off to save the galaxy from the evil King Dullard. Like a choose-your-own-adventure-style book, players move at their own pace and select their next actions with text prompts — that can be played aloud for emerging readers — all the while revealing real information, like the elements in the periodic table, or the definition of matter, and much more.

The Blue Apprentice app can be played on iPads (which we preferred) or online at blueapprentice.com via a monthly subscription; the first seven days are free, so they can try it, before you buy it.

Blue Apprentice app, $10.99 per month or $74.00 per year, blueapprentice.com.

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