Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

Now that we’ve tackled the Thanksgiving turkey, we should continue to think about giving thanks. TIME explores cultivating gratitude in our kids even after the holiday platters are cleared. (TIME)

In our frenzy to snag the best deals on Black Friday, are we setting the right example for our kids? Here are three questions for family discussion. (Huffington Post)

During the busy holiday travel season, some parents may need to allow their kids to fly alone.  Here are some helpful tips to prepare parents and children for the journey. (Los Angeles Times)

After the Elmo controversy, some parents are responding to the shake-up at Sesame Street. (Wall Street Journal)

New math standards adopted in 45 states may not help kids to actually learn basic math. In fact, the standards may hinder learning. (The Atlantic)

Are expectant moms too trusting of pregnancy “experts?” If advice comes from a book, the answer is usually “yes,” no matter how far-fetched the tips may be. (TODAY Moms)

Speaking of crazy advice, Slate takes a look at history’s worst examples of baby advice. (Slate)

Is it a temper tantrum or a disorder? Experts debate a new diagnosis. (Huffington Post)

An agnostic parent speaks to her children about God and finds that even a doubter can be enlightened by the discussion. (New York Times)

Holly Madison has been drinking smoothies every morning since finding out she was pregnant. Now you can try her smoothie recipe too! (People)

If you’re afraid of the dentist, you may pass that fear along to your children. Ouch. (U.S. News & World Report)

Next time you’re about to warn your children against sitting too close to the TV, read why it won’t actually hurt their eyes. (Mental Floss)

A man was arrested for drunkenly yelling out that Santa isn’t real along a parade route in Ontario.  This blog talks about when you should answer the “is Santa real?” question from kids. (Parenting)

If you’re scheduled to give birth in 2013, check out the predicted top baby names first. (Huffington Post)

What is the relationship between happiness and money? None, some would say. Studies, however, prove the happier your teen is, the wealthier (and more successful) adult he or she will become. (TIME)

Some tips on how to prepare your little angels for that potentially scary experience: meeting Santa! (silive.com)

She Knows reveals some stress reducing tips that will help you make room for your newborn.  Eliminating street noise and clearing clutter will make your space a happy and calm atmosphere for your little one. (She Knows)

And, finally, breaking news: Both holiday spending and general belief in Santa have gone up in our city. Happy Holidays! (Press Connects)