Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

Adult-themed baby clothing is cropping up all over the marketplace, replacing cute duckies with “50 Shades of Grey” references. Would you let your little one sport these racy onesies? (Today)

Similarly, BMW is moving away from adult cars, and instead wrangling in customers who can’t even walk yet! Introducing the new BMW baby stroller. (USA Today)

Why are so many single-parent families in poverty? The Atlantic explores the shocking statistics that half of America’s single-parent families are below the poverty line. (The Atlantic)

Broadway’s latest revival of “Annie” will likely lead you to reminisce and indulge in your own childhood memories.  Introduce your young ones to the musical, but in the meantime meet the young cast. (Time Out)

Immersed in tradition and history, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays.  This extensive list of Thanksgiving-themed books, from those catering to elementary school students, like …If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620, to those for your tiny tots, like The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving, will teach your kids all about giving thanks. (She Knows)

Reflecting on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Lisa Belkin finds resources and advice for parents to help children with special needs cope with change. (Huffington Post)

FOMO (fear of missing out), which plagues twenty-somethings, is the subject of Robin Marantz Henig and Samantha Henig’s new book Twentysomething: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck? Read how this critic reacts to the book and the overwhelming amount of opportunities readily available to her generation. (The Daily Beast)

Can you imagine recess without running? Parenting reports that a few schools are instituting this new no run policy. (Parenting)

A study from Denmark found that women who had the flu while pregnant were twice as likely to have a child who would be later diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. But, the Strollerderby blog explores why parents-to-be should not freak out about these findings. (Strollerderby)

Have you seen the newest Web sensation, the Dragon Baby? Watch one-year-old ninja, Romeo Boivin, kung fu fighting a ferocious (stuffed) dragon. (Today)

Would you agree to a brain implant that could improve your child’s attention, memory, or grades at school? Brown University may have found the medical technology that could potentially lead to such a product. (New York Times)

Read your child a classic for bedtime tonight to celebrate the Grimm’s fairy tales’ 200th anniversary this year! (Wall Street Journal)

According to a recent survey, almost half of American moms are more optimistic about their daughters’ futures after the results of the presidential election. (Huffington Post)

A teenage boy took a home pregnancy test as a joke, it came up positive, and he found out that he has testicular cancer. Though not considered useful screening tools, home pregnancy tests can detect a hormone that tumors produce. (CNN)

When was the last time you attended a school conference? Seems like some parents are more likely to show up if the school is handing out gift cards–yes, really. (Yahoo)

Will the new Nintendo Wii U game console be the hot product of this holiday season? Analysts at Forbes think so… (Forbes)