Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

Good news in a not so good economy: the Brooklyn Navy Yard is becoming a small manufacturing hub where start-ups like a new baby spoon business can get off the ground (New York Times)

Does your family have a hothead? Take the heat out of spousal arguments with these easy-to-implement tips. (NPR)

As a British fashion designer and mother of three boys, it’s no surprise that supermom Victoria Beckham is busy. Check out her thoughts on balancing work and motherhood. (Huffington Post)

Is there a “right” age to have a baby? Read responses from women who had their first child in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. (Babble)

What happens when hormones collide at home? One mother shares her experience as a menopausal mother with a growing adolescence in one household. (Motherlode)

Planning on giving birth at home? Here are some important guidelines pediatricians would like you to look into. (Time)

It’s a commonly held belief that babies who develop their motor skills late also struggle with sensory development. Not to worry! Little ones crawl on their own schedules and late crawling rarely indicates a deeper problem. (Slate)

Cinco de Mayo is this week and we just know you’d love to celebrate with the kids. Here are 5 do-it-yourself ideas that will liven up any family party! (SheKnows)

If you want to parent like the POTUS, then you can’t be afraid of getting inked. President Obama shares his very hands-on approach to prevent his daughters from getting tattoos. (Huffington Post)

The Bush family welcomes a new bundle of joy. Will Grandpa George W. go by Gampy of Jefe? (People)

Want to give your son or daughter their fairytale prom night? Then you better be prepared to pay it forward. Here’s how much parents are spending on prom these days. (New York Times)