• Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

    Single moms speak up. Babies can hear in utero. Six exercises for children with Down syndrome.

    By Nick Bell, Maria Bonello, Ginger McKnight-Chavers, Pearl Shin, Anna Sims

    Listen up, pregnant parents! Recent research suggests that babies can hear their mothers’ voices in utero during the final two months of pregnancy. (New York Times)

    So many single mothers and their children have their own sets of values that separate them from traditional families, and here are some model moms speaking up about the related benefits. (Slate)

    A new study finds that fussy babies often spend more time watching TV. Our question is: Which came first—the chicken (i.e. the fussy baby) or the egg (i.e. TV time)? (TIME)

    One Million Moms plans to step in action on January 21 in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens for common-sense gun control laws. See how you can participate in either local or virtual gatherings! (One Million Moms 4 Gun Control)

    Too soon to groom? An MTV reality star defends her decision to pluck her 3-year-old daughter’s eyebrows. (US Weekly)

    Our family structures are changing; should our child support laws change, too? A sperm donor for a lesbian couple learns the hard way that the biological father is always the father. (The Daily Beast)

    From reconciling a phobia of bees to resolving to teach a child the guitar, here’s a review of some parents’ New Year’s Resolutions. (Today)

    Returning to work after a fulfilling year as an unemployed stay-at-home parent, one father laments his transition back to the workforce. (Huffington Post)

    A new study finds that the more parents pay for college, the worse their kids seem to do in terms of grades. Read all about when more is less. (Inside Higher Ed)

    Gym, tan….labor? Jersey Shore’s Snooki relates the details of her first experience with childbirth. (Babyrazzi)

    Following “overwhelmingly positive” feedback for its test program, McDonald’s in the United Kingdom has announced it will be replacing toys with books for every happy meal for the next two years. (LA Times)

    Bribery is good? When it comes to parenting, the jury is still out. The New York Times explores the pros and cons. (New York Times)

    The kindergarten application period for New York City public schools is approaching, but is your preschooler ready for kindergarten?  This checklist can help you find out. (Parenting)

    Potty training meets the digital age—introducing the iPotty. (New York Daily News)

    According to the CDC, the 62% success rate for the flu vaccine, though quite low, meets expectations. So, doctors say, you and your children should still get vaccinated. (Time)

    Parenting magazine explores reasons for our country’s high infant mortality rate, from health care to birth defects and premature births. (Parenting)

    These six surprising exercises will teach children with Down syndrome how to walk.  From squats to the ball pit, these techniques will make getting around a bit easier. (She Knows)

    Almost everyone has an iPad or smartphone, including our kids. Could technology be affecting children’s speech skills? (BlogHer)

    Finally announced on Monday, royal couple Prince William & Kate have a July due date for their bundle of joy. Boy or girl, the child will be third in line to British throne, according to new succession laws. (Reuters)

    “Fearless Formula Feeder” Suzanne Barston scorns the trend that shames mothers who bottle feed. Read why her book, Bottled Up, is a must-read that redefines motherhood and empowers women. (Rookie Moms)

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