Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

chickenForget the cheerleading squad and the football team—the hottest high school extra curricular club in NYC has got to be the latest offering from the Avenues School: a Chicken Club. Thanks to one ambitious 10th grader—who had formerly been homeschooled on a farm—the elite private school in Chelsea will soon be housing farm fowl on its roofs. (The New Yorker)

Call it “Mad Libs” for the art set. We love how one artistically gifted mama lets her young daughter finish her beautiful drawings. (Distractify)

Sometimes the best resolutions are the simplest ones. Check out this cute video by Kid President that breaks down a great list of “Things We Should Say More Often In 2014.” Suggestions include everything from “Please” to “You’re so awesome I named by dog after you.” (Refinery 29)

Finding your groove with maternity wear can be tough in any season…but winter presents a particular challenge since so many layers are involved. Take cue from hot mama Gwen Stefani and rock your cold-weather pregnancy. (Elizabeth Street)

No one likes to wake up early, but pre-dawn wakeup calls are especially tough on growing teens. So much so that one grassroots parents’ group is aiming to garner their kids a little more shuteye. (NPR)

Madonna recently Instagramed a photo of her 13-year-old son and his friends posing with bottles of alcohol. Though she claims the boys weren’t drinking, many critics are accusing her of promoting underage alcohol consumption. What do you think? (Mommyish)

Connecting with like-minded fellow moms in your area can be a daunting prospect, thankfully, there’s a brand new site that works like a dating site, but it’s for new mamas looking to make friends. (Daily Candy)

The dreamy Juan Pablo Galavais officially hit the airwaves as the newest Bachelor this week. However, some media outlets are reporting that JP may not be the devoted dad he claims to be. (She Knows)

The northeast has seen (and felt) its fair share of intense winter weather over the last two weeks. From snow to slush to super-low temps, the question remains: should schools be closed based on forecast alone? One local mom weighs in. (The New York Times)

This graphic designer dad found his own quirky way to bond with his kids every day. For the past five years, he’s started each morning by turning his two sons’ lunch bags into little works of art. (Babble)

Happy birthday, Blue Ivy! The precocious baby with the ultimate power couple parents–Beyoncé and Jay-Z–just celebrated her second birthday. Take a look at some highlights from her first two years of life with a series of glamorous GIFs. (Huffington Post)

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