Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

maternity leaveMaternity leave is a hot topic for debate, especially in New York. Check out this opinion piece for the Daily News that urges the state to rethink the current policy on paid leave. [New York Daily News]

Dropping pounds is no easy undertaking, but this overweight dad was given the ultimate motive to slim down when he learned it would save his newborn daughter’s life. Now, they’re both on the path to good health! [The Stir]

If you’re stumped for New Year’s resolutions, take a look at this list just for parenting goals. From getting your kids to eat a little healthier to swearing off comparing post-pregnancy bodies with Beyonce, this list will give you some fun ideas for the next year. [Penn Live]

An outspoken 10-year-old has launched a petition on change.org to get American Girl to release its first disabled doll. The girl, who suffers from a disease that keeps her confined to a wheelchair, wants to see a doll that she and other disabled girls can relate to! [Babble]

A beach photo a mother took of her son and his friend went viral when she noticed a strange shadow in the wave just behind them. The verdict is still out on whether it was a shark or just a dolphin—talk about the ultimate photo-bomb! [CBS Local]

In case you missed out on all the celebrity family gossip this year, HuffPo recounts the most memorable parenting moments of 2013. [The Huffington Post]

Getting your kid to be tired at their set bedtime can be major struggle for some parents. Luckily, the University of Colorado in Boulder has some helpful tips–they’ve doing research on children’s natural sleep cycles. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

In some ways, social media can be a major point of contention between families. While Facebook can help connect you to your children’s lives, it can also mean you have the power to embarrass the heck out of them. Check out these rules for cyber etiquette. [The Independent]

Resolutions need not be just for adults! By making New Year’s resolutions, children can learn about self-discipline and the value of making goals. [PBS]

Find out why movie buffs say this was a great year for family films. With animated features like “Frozen” and YA favorites like “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” it’s no wonder the box office for family-friendly movies skyrocketed. [Journal Star]

Some say that kids today are far more sheltered than their counterparts of yesteryear—and the solution is to simply let them take some innocent risks once in awhile. What do you think? [The New York Times]

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