Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

shutterstock_118908841Get ready to LOL and to sympathize, parents! The latest meme going around on the internet is based on foods that picky toddlers refuse to eat! (Mommyish)

Some of the most terribly affected victims of our broken immigration system are the children of families who are already legally in the US–from kidnapping to extortion, the corruption and violence around migrant children seems endless. (The New Yorker)

Parents of special needs kids need to know so much more than other parents. Here are some tips on how they need to prepare financially and otherwise for their child as an adult. (Neurology Now)

Touching video shows bond between young children and their moms. (Yahoo Parenting)

A new study shows that extreme morning sickness is tied to neurological problems in the child later in life. (Reuters)

This video gives both new and more experienced parents a few good ways to end “back talk” at an early age. (Parents)

Ready for some spring cleaning? Here are a series of videos and short articles that describe how to declutter certain rooms in the house just in time for spring. (Family Circle)

We sure do love Tay-tay for being awesome to her mama! Taylor Swift gave her mother an award after finding out that she was diagnosed with cancer about two weeks ago! (BuzzFeed)

If parents do it wrong, their children fear that parents’ love is conditional on their doing well. (The New York Times)

It’s so simple: It turns out that adding smiley faces (with sauce or condiments) really makes healthy foods much more appealing for little kids! (American Live Wire)