Our Favorite Parenting News Stories Of The Week

How sweet was it to see dad-to-be Derek Jeter with his pregnant wife as he watched his number be officially retired? (People)

Google is taking over public school classrooms with promises of tech for kids and tools for teachers–but is it all a good thing? (New York Times)

If you’re a working mama, then chances are you’ve had one or two (or more) of the complains on this list! (MINIMODE)

No date? No problem. Rather than bringing someone else to prom, this girl decided to bring something even better – her Ivy League acceptance letter. (BuzzFeed)

Whether you’re on board with the whole coloring book trend or not, this mom’s funny story chronicling her attempt at “me-time” via some paper and colored pencils is something any parent can relate to (Mommy Nearest).

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Baby photo shoots are always cute, but one newborn photographer took things to the next level with this newborn photo shoot…for her young daughter’s new kitten (Huffington Post).

One brilliant dad has us LOL-ing after he made good on a threat to teach his son a lesson for being disruptive in class. (Mommyish)

Talk about coordinated! This video of a toddler blowing out a birthday candle with a soccer ball will blow your mind. (Mashable)